NWU says workers in Saint Lucia are hurting

NWU says workers in Saint Lucia are hurting
Maynard wants the lump sum for Christmas
Maynard wants the lump sum for Christmas

(SNO) — The National Workers Union (NWU) has said its members are hurting and is making it clear to the government that it wants a lump sum payout for more than 1,000 daily-paid workers employed in the public service.

And the union wants that money by Christmas.

Tyrone Maynard of the NWU said at a press conference that if its members get some money by Christmas, negotiations with the government could continue and be settled in 2019.

“But at this point we believe people want some money in their hands, people figure that they have their little Christmas and so on to go out there and enjoy,” he said. “We want to at least get that message across that workers are hurting and they need to get a little thing for Christmas.”

The 2016/2019 public wage negotiation between the unions and the government is coming to an end but there is no definite conclusion in sight.

The NWU is expected to meet with the government negotiating team in an effort to settle on the amount for the lump sum.

“All other sectors, all other employees that we represent in different areas, they have been getting their increases, they have been getting their lumps sum, they have been getting their back pay,” Maynard said. “The only people, the only group of workers who are remaining in a little corner and are unable at this point to at least be guaranteed of a lump sum are our daily paid members…”

NWU daily paid members include office assistants, security guards and others working across a wide variety of state-run agencies.


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  1. But Good One, how was Mary Isaac reward again, since you said the CSA, is political and don't forget Wilfred Pierre.


  2. We need to stop fighting each other the upper class people benefit when we fight each other down. Yes some govt workers are lazy but a majority of them do their work. So support them when they try to get an increase and in turn they will support you when you fight for yours


  3. whilst yall are hurting and yall want a raise for the Christmas WE the PUBLIC are hurting when some of yall GOVERNMENT WORKERS show disregard to the public with poor work ethic and disgusting attitudes.

    some of yall talk and treat people like as if people woke up on the same bed with yall. land registry has one there and awa e. i think some of yall need to be placed to work somewhere that yall dont interact with people at all, and at the end of the day yall want a raise and want money.


  4. it was about time, st.lucian can see the only union thats doing a great job is NWU, everywhere thay have been representing have sucided, but the CSA, is a big joke, they are too political, the presidents and other leaders they follow colours, what ever colour they support and that colour is in power, they don't press on them atall because is their colour,, and thats not the way to represent civil servants hard working people, CSA, need to do the right thing, they need to step up, stop supporting colours and support civil servants, the what they put you'll there to do


    • great job? majority of St. Jude workers are with NWU and they can do little to nothing to force the gov't hand with the construction of the hospital.. is small penny negotiations they wanna do.. working conditions is shitty in that place and the staff are hesitant to come forward .. oh well .. i hope the lump sum ease their brain over the xmas season


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