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NWU recognition applications

NWU Press Release

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The National Workers Union (NWU) has submitted three recognition applications to Acting Labour Commissioner Ray Narcisse.

The recognition applications are on behalf of workers employed with Secure St. Lucia Ltd., Cage St. Lucia Ltd. and Windward Islands Packaging Company Ltd.

The Department of Labour is in the process of arranging pre-poll meetings at which representatives of the companies and the National Workers Union will meet to decide on the following:

* Date, time and venue for a secret ballot poll.
* Other logistical arrangements

This process will ultimately resolve the recognition issue one way or another.

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One comment

  1. I feel especially bad for Secure SL. The NWU plyed one of the well-proven tactics from their bag of tricks... 1) charge the company with "victimization and intimidation" & level personal attacks against management; 2)get Labour Commissioner involved; 3)get as much free publicity as possible (by creating controversy); 4)create an "us vs them" (employee vs employer)atmosphere at the company; and 5)have pro-union employees intimidate coworkers to vote in the union.
    I find it ironic that in so many of these cases, it is actually the one crying "intimidation" that is the one actually committing it. It is especially sad that the Labour Dept can be so easily duped into assisting the union.


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