NWU plans education seminar in Soufriere

NWU plans education seminar in Soufriere

PRESS RELEASE – The National Workers Union (NWU) will be holding a Trade Union Education Seminar for some of its members in Soufriere on Tuesday April 29, 2014.

Over 25 shop stewards and rank and file members of the National Workers Union from the west coast will participate in the day’s session.

Father Jason Biscette, Parish Priest of Soufriere will Pray and deliver a welcome address to the participants at the opening of the session of the workshop, which will be held at the Hummingbird Beach Resort in Soufriere.  The theme of the seminar is “Back to Basics: The Rudiments of Trade Unionism”  and the objectives are:

To acquaint workers with the rudiments of trade unionism

To explain the role and responsibilities of the Shop Steward in and out of the workplace

To analyse issues relating to union financing and its operations

To create an awareness of the NWU’s structure and constitution

This trade union programme is being sponsored by the NWU and is the second of three workshops planned. The first was at Smugglers Cove Resort & Spa and the third will be in Vieux Fort at Kimatrai Hotel.


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