NWU members get lump sum payment

NWU members get lump sum payment

(SNO) — The National Workers Union (NWU) has kept its promise to give a lump sum to its members after meeting with the Government Negotiating Team.

Vice President of the the NWU, Solace Myers, said the money was given before and after Christmas.

“Our members got their first lump sum payment, I believe the fortnight before Christmas,” Myers told HTS. “That was the first lump sum payment to be made. The second one went out the fortnight after Christmas and some people got theirs the first fortnight in January.”

In October last year, the NWU said it would approach the Government Negotiating Team and request the sum be paid before Christmas 2018.

It said a three-year wage freeze imposed on the salaries of members created economic hardship for all of them.

By December the NWU announced that it had in fact secured the lump sum in exchange for deferring 2016-2019 wage negotiations due to close in March.

Myers said there have been some discrepancies and not all members received the lump sum and negotiations will continue on their behalf.

“So right now we are in the process of putting together the lists so when we engage the Government Negotiating Team for this first quarter, we can put these concerns to them so everybody can enjoy the benefits we negotiated on their behalf,” she stated.

The NWU represents a wide range of workers including office assistants, security guards, grounds keepers and ancillary staff in various state-run agencies such as schools and government offices.


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