NWU makes urgent appeal to Labour Commissioner

NWU makes urgent appeal to Labour Commissioner


PRESS RELEASE – The National Workers Union (NWU) has called on Acting Labour Commissioner, Mr. Ray Narcisse to step in urgently and make all the necessary arrangements to establish the process that would determine clearly the recognition issue between the Management of First Citizens Investment Services Ltd and the National Workers Union.

The NWU in a letter to the Acting Labour Commissioner dated March 2, 2015, submitted a recognition application on behalf of workers employed with the financial institution.

The NWU said that to date, the matter is still outstanding and is raising serious cause for concern.

The NWU is of the opinion that this matter is trivial as section 357 of the Labour Act No. 37 of 2006 clearly sets out the procedures to be followed.

The NWU is still awaiting a positive reply from the Acting Labour Commissioner.

Meanwhile the NWU has decided to inform its members in other financial institutions that it represents of this industrial development.


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  1. The labour department is a useless entity. They cant help workers with shit. They get intimidated and in the end workers rights are affected. I think Mr. Narcisse has some explaining to do and the workers of this company should go sit in his office and demaind answes. Shame on u let the workers get representation.


  2. I left CMMB/First Citizens because of this manager, including many other bright staff, who left because of pure frustration.


  3. This manager continues to be a major source of frustration to her staff. Instead of meeting with the labor commissioner and the union representatives to discuss the impending poll she continues undermining the process. Her excuse last time was that she had a meeting to attend. It was a breakfast meeting with zero relevance to the company having more importance than staff issues. For a previous meeting she let the labor commissioner know that she was booked for meetings for a particular whole day. She was in office with no meetings for that whole day, as reported by staff.

    This is someone who has constantly disrespected staff, shouted at them within earshot of other staff and customers, denied her staff a lunch hour and got upset when staff had to step out to deal with personal stuff, was directly responsible for a large number of bright St. Lucians resigning from their jobs out of frustration, out of fear, out of disillusionment, leading to an abnormally high turnover rate at First Citizens (and CMMB) and generally be on the whole a self-serving, narcissistic person.

    She is now on a mad campaign to try to get 5 out of the 11 eligible employees to be considered ineligible to have union representation because of sensitive information that they are privy to. This is just another example of grandstanding from someone determined to have her way and rule by the clichéd iron fist, her way of further frustrating the process and her disillusioned and demotivated staff.

    The labor commissioner needs to develop some cojones and get in there to get the vote done. The voting can also be done offsite. Get it done.

    I am proud of my ex-coworkers, the few who are still there, for finally doing the right thing, rising above the fear and moving in the direction of the #firstcitizenstt staff and seeking union representation. Power to the people!

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  4. That's how that company treating their staff. I thought unionising was guaranteed to employees. If that is how their treat their staff I can only imagine.


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