NWU letter to Labour Ministry

NWU letter to Labour Ministry

d5c83e68-1b18-4e5a-a58c-4b2de4afe4b5PRESS RELEASE – Let me first take this opportunity to wish you a rewarding retirement and a good 2016.

Sir it is indeed sad that under your watch as Minister for Labour, the Department of Labour continues to plunge downwards at such an alarming rate without any rescue in sight. The workers of this country surely deserve more.

Further, we have been monitoring the issues of occupational safety and health at the Treasury. That to us is an abomination. Government is the custodian for industrial relations in the country and what happened at the Treasury is a bad example. The Government of Saint Lucia is the largest employer on island and as a member of the International Labour Organization (ILO) the Government as an employer must adhere to conventions, principles, practice and laws.


Hon. Minister, what is also astounding is that Government employs an Occupational Safety and Health Consultant within a Unit in the Department of Labour. The officer carried out an investigation at the Treasury and presented a report to the authorities ……………………


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  1. Everything that goes wrong you guys blaming the former the former the former after five years it is still the former


  2. Dear Mr. Maynard stop blaming the minister for everything that individuals in the relevant ministries and the former management of the treasury are responsible for . The problems at the treasury have been there for years before Mr Lewis ever became minister of labor they were sweep under the carpet by the former management of the department and not the minister. Before we speak we need to get the facts right


    • Go to the head to solve the problem. If he did his job properly he would get rid of anyone not doing theirs.


  3. Why blame the government blame the former management of the treasury. They were the ones sweeping the issues under the mat all the time from the beginning


  4. As far as I'm concerned we don't have a labour department. Whilst we are suffering, they are just playing political football and fighting publicly.
    It's a sad and embarrassing day for us workers in this country


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