NWU goes into the schools

NWU goes into the schools

The National Workers Union (NWU) has taken its trade union education campaign to the schools.

Ms. Solace Myers, industrial relations specialist with the NWU, has commenced this assignment.

Lectures have been delivered at Gama Learning Institute, Division of Teacher Education & Educational Administration at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Entrepot Secondary School and Saint Joseph’s Convent.

The NWU is of the opinion that since students and young persons will be the ones  joining the ranks of the work force at all levels, it is important to engage the youth from an early stage.

The objective of the programme is to develop a better understanding among students and young persons of the role, development and relevance of the trade union movement.

So far the response has been quite positive, with much interaction during the sessions.

Myers is the holder of a masters degree in industrial relations.


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