NWU discusses “harsh” termination of St. Jude Hospital worker

NWU discusses “harsh” termination of St. Jude Hospital worker

rubis-and-national-workers-unionPRESS RELEASE – Conciliatory discussions between the management of St. Jude Hospital and the National Workers Union (NWU) continued Friday, August 7, 2015 at the Department of Labour.

The talks which were held under the chairmanship of an official from the Department of Labour went on for four (4) hours. The parties extensively discussed the termination of a worker by the hospital management.

The Union has consistently pointed out that the management decision to terminate his employment is harsh, high-handed and unjustifiable.

Separate discussions were held with the parties after which the proceedings were adjourned until next week Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 10.00 a.m.

The Department of Labour has urged both sides to do a little bit of reflection to be better prepared for the next meeting. The Minister for Labour is expected to be at the said meeting.


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  1. Hmmm.... I think the big issue here is the harsh, crass, autocratic, highhanded, unfair, injustified, Bullying attitude of St Jude Hospital management. It needs to be addressed and stopped. St Lucia is still a Democratic country, no? Hmmmmm!!!!!
    Hopefully this case will alert SLU GOVT of the need to investigate all aspects of St Jude hospital such as:
    1. Size of management team; downsize management and distribute duties to supervisors
    2. Promote assistant HR to HR manager and either demote current HR manager or sorry to say "let her go"
    3. No need for Financial Controller. Let accountant handle this department. Anybody will do a better job than current FC.
    4. CEO is noticeably tired; let him go rest and bring in young, energetic, enthusiastic, health management oriented new blood. Use extra money from positions cut to attract more qualified persons.
    5. Either train current board on expectations or get more qualified persons to be part of board.
    6. Audit accounts department for discreptances; salaries recieved from GOVT is not what's paid to staff.. Or dead, fired and retired, resigned staff salaries still received by FC and !!!
    That's a starting point, there's soooo much more.........


  2. Why such a big deal about one worker. There should be people leaving civil service all the time because of poor performance. No one ever gets sacked, why is that?


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