NWU and WASCO industrial wage impasse resolved

NWU and WASCO industrial wage impasse resolved

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PRESS RELEASE – The new Board of Directors of the Water and Sewerage Company Incorporated (WASCO) and the Leadership of the National Workers Union (NWU) have amicably resolved a two (2) year protracted wage impasse.

WASCO and the NWU have agreed to upward wage adjustments within the established wage structure in the industrial agreement. Workers in the south and north of the island employed with WASCO will also benefit from a huge back pay.

In an effort to demonstrate its appreciation to the workers, the Board will pay out to the workers five thousand dollars ($5000.00) each, as an advance payment on the said back pay. That amount will be paid before Christmas.

The company and the union have agreed to meet in January 2017 to work out a mechanism that will be used to pay out the balance of the retroactive payment. Each worker will be given a letter from the company detailing personal information regarding WASCO’s financial commitment to that employee.

The NWU has conveyed its appreciation to the new WASCO Board of Directors led by Mr. Francis Denbow for its understanding, sensitivity, honesty and the determination to settle the impasse during their industrial engagement.


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  1. NWU screws its members. I happy for the WASCO workers. At least they get something but that Union does not do any proactive fighting for its members. They just like to behave like big bad wolves and they ask member to engage in a lot of unethical things when all we want is for them to protect our rights as workers and look out for our welfare. The President does not have an ounce of integrity on him. NWU tell your members be at work on time, appreciate your job be productive, fight for safe working conditions for us, pension plans, employers liability insurance, training opportunity... things that will benefits now and in the future. all you do is pull publicity stunts to increase membership and profit through our dues. screw up!!!


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