NWU and Alternative Security in dispute

NWU and Alternative Security in dispute

The National Workers Union (NWU) has requested the intervention of the Acting Labour Commissioner, Mr. Ray Narcisse in an industrial impasse with the Management of Alternative Security Services Ltd.

The NWU is the bargaining agent for security guards employed with the company.

The union has sought several appointments with the company without success and as a result strongly condemns the company’s tactics. The National Workers Union is definitely not prepared to tolerate the company’s behavior.

The NWU is preparing to hold a general meeting with the security guards at which a decision will be made on the way forward.

Alternative Security Services Ltd is being managed by a group of Trinidadians.


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  1. It was time, they took us for a joy ride now bribbing staff not too vote for the union. We need better pay, need to be insecure our lives at risk overtime ,and night workers needs to be drop home instead of castries and de list goes on.


  2. They are paying the hard and long hours workers peanuts and shipping all the money to Trinidad.What a shame!


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