NSDC grads to begin international courses with Monroe College

NSDC grads to begin international courses with Monroe College

Over 80 young people will soon receive international certification in various areas of hospitality through a training programme by Monroe College St. Lucia in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, as part of the OECS Skills for Inclusive Growth Project.

The participants attended an official orientation exercise at the National Cultural Centre on Wednesday, April 10, 2013.

They will attend 10 weeks of in class training in six areas: bar operations and mixology, office administration, food preparation/sanitation, data operation, house keeping and customer service, followed by an internship.

The programme is an advanced one for participants, who have completed training through the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC).

Senior Vice President of Monroe College, Dr. Alex Ephrem, said this programme stands out as successful participants will receive international certification as well as transferable college credits.

“When you finish this programme you not only get a certificate, but you also get college credits. You will receive up to six college credits and if you decide anytime to go anywhere in the world and continue your college education, you can transfer those credits to that institution,” he said.

The goal of the OECS Skills for Inclusive Growth Project is to increase the employability of youth, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and attitudes sought by employers, through private sector driven training.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Eustace Monrose, said the training from Monroe College will significantly improve the competitiveness of participants.

“You can gain employment throughout the world. No matter where you go and those services are required, you have the skills and you can attain employment. You become a world citizen, employable anywhere and that is critical,” he said.

Participants will receive both theoretical and practical training.

Through this programme, Monroe College is expected to graduate a cadre of trained, qualified young people, ready to fill positions in Saint Lucia’s vital tourism industry.

Training begins officially on April 22nd for students of Bartending and Mixology, as well as office administration, with other courses scheduled to commence shortly thereafter.


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  1. This exercise is a very good iniative however we must start to look at the jobs at the higher levels in the industry. Government needs to look into the number of work permits that are being granted to the higher paying jobs in the tourism industry. Work permits should not be sought for areas like spa managers and security guards when there are so many young persons with first degrees in areas like management who can be trained to perform in some of the areas in the hotel. Also St. Lucian's are there own enemies because the Local business places are the ones making the requests for the non local security guards thereby denying locals of jobs.


  2. St Lucia is not the only country on earth with bars and hotels Millie...stop bring pessimistic about the move to educate people to help them feed themselves...


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