NSC applauds response of SALCC administration to recent threats to student safety

NSC applauds response of SALCC administration to recent threats to student safety


PRESS RELEASE – The National Students’ Council is pleased with the actions taken by the SALCC administration following a shocking incident involving a security guard and student of the college earlier this week.

The incident undoubtedly sparked feelings of anger and frustration from students towards the system at the college which they believe is working against their well-being.

Administration at the college responded in a timely manner with the provision of counselling services to students who were directly or indirectly affected by the occurrence and also by convening briefings with the students’ council to provide information and guidance on the way forward.

However, students are still threatened by the possibility of more likely predators around Campus and ongoing discussion as well as accountability is necessary to re-establish a peaceful environment at the institution.

In a press conference held on the 17th of November, the Principal announced the installation of CCTV cameras and other stringent methods to deal with issues jeopardizing student safety on campus.

The NSC sees this as a major step in beefing up the college’s integrity and commends Principal Saunders on initiating these measures.

While the student body is gradually recovering from this breach in the code of conduct of college staff, a strong warning is issued to the Government of the day to place student safety at the top of the priority list for the development of the Education Sector in order to avoid future affirmative action from an empowered students movement.


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