NRDF supports secondary school teacher’s initiative

NRDF supports secondary school teacher’s initiative
Proud achievers after receiving their NRDF Certificates
Proud achievers after receiving their NRDF Certificates

On Thursday, 14 students of the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School, flanked by supportive teachers and officials from the National Reserch Foundation (NRDF), gathered at the NRDF for a certificate-issuing ceremony.

Those were students preparing for their principles of accounting CXC exam in 2014 who had just undertaken the Quickbooks course offered by the NRDF. This was an initiative organized to give the students the opportunity of applying accounting principles as if already in the work environment, by gaining the experience of using an actual accounting software programme.

The NRDF Quickbooks course is designed to assist accountants and accounts clerks in using accounting software to simplify the work processes of an accounts department. It facilitates the reproduction of reports and financial statements which enable managers to make more informed decisions about the financial health of their businesses.

The certificate ceremony was held to commemorate what was found to be a noteworthy show of initiative on the part of the lecturer, and by extension, the management of the Leon Hess Comprehensive School, for having approved of the recommendation.

NRDF was pleased to support the effort by offering very special terms to make the undertaking a reality. The students were welcomed by Jacquleine Scott, the programme coordinator for NRDF’s popular BBA/MBA programme, who stressed to the gathering that though it was a seemingly small and informal ceremony, the achievement itself was highly significant and deserved the attention it received today.

The keynote speaker was Ernest Ottley, NRDF’s head of academics. Ottley encouraged the students to adapt with the global changes in the marketplace and to use the experience as inspiration to not only apply what they have learnt but to think beyond that into the possibilities of themselves becoming innovators of tomorrow’s accounting or other programmes.

Using the example of Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning, Bill Gates’ Miscrosoft and others, he posited that there was no reason why young students of the region could not use what they had at their disposal to develop theories and innovate products of their own. This is more than possible; after all, Saint Lucia has already produced two nobel laureates, and counting!

NRDF also recognized all who made the event possible, including Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort who co-sponsored today’s ceremony.


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