NOTICE: WASCO invitation for tender

NOTICE: WASCO invitation for tender


1.0 Tender for the supply and installation of a Potable Glass fused to Steel Water Storage Tank and related accessories

1.1       The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO), on behalf of the Saint Lucia Water Stewardship Partnership (SLWaSP), invites tenders for the supply and installation of a potable glass fused to steel water tank with a capacity of 75,000 imperial gallons as specified in Annex A of the tender dossier, “General Specifications” along with associated products.  The successful tenderer will be expected to enter into a formal contract with WASCO, which will be supported by a Framework Supply Agreement.

The successful tenderer is intended to be the Provider, but the contract pertaining to this tender shall not constitute an exclusive contract and WASCO, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to enter into agreement with other suppliers, for the same type of supplies/services/works at any time, whenever it deems it necessary.  If you believe that your company may be in the position to meet the requirements and would like to be considered as a potential supplier, please refer to the website link provided below.

1.2       A tender dossier has been issued for the sole purpose of obtaining tenders. WASCO reserves the right not to enter into or award a contract as a result of this invitation to tender. Any attempt by any Tenderer to obtain confidential information, enter into unlawful agreements with competitors or influence the evaluation committee or WASCO during the process of examining, clarifying, evaluating and comparing tenders will lead to the rejection of its offers and may result in the termination of contract, where applicable.

2.0 Schedule of requirements

2.1       All tenderers must supply the following information in their Tender’s failure to provide the information will render the tender void:

(a)         Registration number of company;
(b)        Country in which company is registered;
(c)         The date on which the company was first incorporated;
(d)        A copy of company’s Certificate of Incorporation, as evidence that thecompany is in existence at the date of the tender;
(e)         In the case of sole proprietorships or partnerships, the names and addresses of owners must be supplied.  If the business is registered under the Registration and Business Names Act, a copy of the registration must be provided.

(f)    See table below with tender main facts.

Tender Main Facts Table
Tender reference

Tender launch date
7th December 2015

Queries to
[email protected]com

Deadline for submission of offers
21st December 2015

Address for submission of offers
As per below

Estimated date of award of contract(s)
23rd December 2015

Duration of contract
4  months

(g)       No tender will be considered unless it complies with the conditions set out in this Notice.
(h)       WASCO does not bind itself to accept any tender.
(i)        Any tender delivered after the closing time and date or any extension thereof will not be considered.
(j)        For further information please contact Mr. Aly Anthony at telephone number 758 457 3900.
2.2       All tenders must be quoted in U.S. Dollars or in Eastern Caribbean Dollars, C.I.F., and inclusive of VAT.
2.3       WASCO reserves the right to refuse any tender that does not conform to the requirements of this document.
2.4       The bidding document shall outline the methodology to be adopted in the conduct of the study and include a project schedule specifying the key dated for activities to be carried out and milestone dates for submission of project deliverables.
3.0 Penalties
3.1       WASCO reserves the right to enforce penalties against a tenderer for delays occasioned by him in the execution of these works.  The penalty shall apply from the stated completion date of the particular phase. The total penalty shall not exceed 5% of contract sum.
–     WASCO reserves the right to alter the schedule of tender and contract awarding.
–     WASCO reserves the right to cancel this tender process at any time and not to award any contract.
–     WASCO reserves the right not to enter into or award a contract as a result of this invitation to tender.
–     WASCO does not bind itself to accept any tender.

3.2    WASCO shall not be liable in respect of any costs incurred by the Tenderer in    the preparation of the offer nor any associated work effort, including the production of presentation materials, brochures, product specifications or manuals for evaluation.

Website and link for tender dossier
Interested tenderers are requested to view attached or visit the government of Saint Lucia website and link below for tender dossier.

Deadline and address for submission of tenders

Tenders should be submitted in sealed envelopes marked “Tender for Supply of one Glass fused to Steel Potable Water Tanks” addressed to:

Managing Director
Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO)
L’ Anse Road,
P.O. Box 1481,
Castries, SAINT LUCIA, West Indies

To reach the office no later than Monday, December 21st, 2015, at 4:30pm.


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