NOTICE: Internet degradation

NOTICE: Internet degradation

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Please be advised that due to damaged infrastructure off island, some Flow internet and digital TV users may experience higher than normal congestion and drops in service.

Our engineers are actively seeking to restore service in as short a time as humanly possible, and do apologise to our customers for the temporary interruption.

Further updates will be shared immediately upon receipt.


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  1. problems in the network, all they do is apologise and you get less service for the period durding the month and the same bill slaps you in the face thats right?


  2. Following lime old way . You keep on lieing to the people of ST LUCIA. There is always a problem with your crappy service . I just upgraded the speed of the internet and it kept dropping so dont come with the crap . You need to compensate st lucian for your crappy service. It started right at the time of world CAP and it continues . Flow needs some competition. And the person talking about bills not being paid why must a person pay for a service they are not getting . So stop supporting flow in their nonsense. Please and thanks


  3. Please all you'll complaining probably in arrears or don't pay you'll bills. Typical.... No matter what company is there the same complains when karibcable came you'll still complained. So stfu and go pay your darm bills.. I won't be surprised the reason you'll don't have service is because their disconnected you'll. Flow digicel n karibcable service not perfect but Lucians too dog.


    • it or not it still are an ignorant st.lucian...grow tf up the ppl just explain something n u talking about not paying wifi...find another place to comment uh


  4. It seems internet degradation began long before this "damaged infrastructure off island" What would be the explanation?


    • Sorry about the multiple messages, I think the degradation caused a delay in my messages being posted so I thought the initial messages hadn't gone through and I tried again.


  5. It seems Internet degeneration began long before this "damaged infrastructure off island. What would be the explanation?


  6. It seems to have been degraded long before this "damaged infrastructure off island". Whats the explanation?


  7. So what about compensation to those affected??

    If we short you on bill payments there becomes a problem. IF you short us on service there must be a reciprocal concession. We need you to own up to your negligence.


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