Notice from High Commission of India office

Notice from High Commission of India office

As per the directive of the Government of India, Mr. Hira Rijhumal Asnaani, ceases to function as the Honorary Consul of India to Saint Lucia with effect from October 30, 2014,

It is for the information of all concerned that whosoever deals with Mr. Asnaani will be doing so at his own risk. No documents of any type received from Mr. Hira Rijhumal Asnaani, on behalf of the High Commission of India to Saint Lucia, will be entertained.

It is requested that all documents etc. for Consular and any other work should be sent directly to the address given below:

High Commission of India to Saint Lucia,

No. 239 Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat,

Paramaribo, SURINAME

Tel: 00-597 498 344

Fax: 00-597 491106

E-mail: [email protected]



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  1. i am happy that Indians in St Lucia does not have to deal with this person anymore, i have dealt with him in the past and it was such an annoying process. He failed to understand that he was appointed to serve the Indian community and not to trouble them. His office staff was equally unprofessional, i remember standing outside his office for hours for him show mercy and process my paper work. What a pity Indians in St Lucia had to deal with him for a few years...


  2. Justice has finally been delivered....This is the news that the St. Lucian Indian community was waiting for so long...


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