Lower John Compton Highway to close every Saturday

Lower John Compton Highway to close every Saturday



PRESS RELEASE – The Office of the Mayor wishes to inform members of the general public that the lower end of the John Compton Highway adjacent to the Vendor’s Arcade will be closed this and every Saturday until further notice.

The closure of the small section of the road between the Jeremie and Jn. Baptiste Streets Roundabout is to facilitate the popular Jeremie Street Flea Market which has seen an increase in occasional vendors and shoppers.

All commuters are asked to be guided by road signs which will be strategically placed for their information and guidance.

The Office of the Mayor wishes to apologize for any inconvenience which may be caused during this period.


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  1. That is total madness. Your main road in and out of the city....that is total rubbish added with stupidity. The next one I find that is stupid as well is the closure between bay walk and massy store in Rodney Bay..that is a disaster waiting to happen. Come on it's time to be a lot sense able when doing these idiotic things


  2. Closing a main route that goes through Cadtries is not wise. Traffic is alreafy heavy in the best of times. This is not a good idea. Yesterday, as I approached the intersection in the city, an ambulance was trying to pass. What a mess this decision has caused. I repeat, this is not good.


  3. People, this is only for a few hours in one day!! Not 24/7. There are alternative routes, e.g. the calvary ... i fail to see what everyone is fussing about. If I have to go into town on a Saturday, I will take the Calvary route - and still get into Castries City.


  4. Too much TRAFFIC!!!! for a little island like Saint Lucia.

    From COURTS Marisule opening to this. I will just stay home on a Saturday and not spend a dime.

    The TRAFFIC is frustrating. Takes an hour to go and do the simplest of errands.


  5. Utter bull dung IF the necessary traffic easement measures are not enforced in and around Jn Baptiste Street and the Gros Islet bus stand.

    I am not looking for likes or dislikes. This is a horrible idea to cut off a busy street without regard for commuter's convenience. Why not extent this flea market towards Recaii and the Taxi stand instead?


  6. And what is the contingency to route all that traffic that flows through there. You morons think JnBaptiste street and darling road with all those buses would be a suitable route for vehicle to traverse. Do you idiots have any brains. Gridlock Saturday, get ready for it.


  7. You people are blocking access to the capital and the main international airport plus tourist destinations in the south for a flea market! Bunch of jokers, beyond stupid! Smh what happens when the cruise ships are in? The revenue you plan to collect cannot justify that plan.


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