NOTICE: Closure of La Dig (Mocha) Bridge

NOTICE: Closure of La Dig (Mocha) Bridge

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport wishes to inform residents and business owners of Fond St. Jacques, Esperance, Bois Den, Belle Plain and Belle Fond and the motoring public of the immediate closure of the La Dig (Mocha) Bridge to vehicular traffic with immediate effect.

As a result, persons wishing to get to the communities of Belle Plain, Belle Fond, Esperance and Bois Den are advised to use the Myers Bridge access.

Persons wishing to travel to Fond St. Jacques and Mocha can use the Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques road.

This action is necessary as the bridge is no longer able to accommodate vehicular traffic.

The ministry regrets any inconvenience that this abrupt closure may cause.

Allison A. Jean (Mrs)
Permanent Secretary


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  1. I want to know where is Moca!... You have to cross the river to get to Mocha!... Who wrote this!


    • That's a notice written and circulated by the permanent secretary. If you were able to read, you would've noticed.


  2. Oh boy....this bridge has served its time...thank god to it which saved soufriere town from all the debris coming from Fond St Jacques


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