NOTICE: Closed season for Sea Turtle Fishery

NOTICE: Closed season for Sea Turtle Fishery
A sea turtle
A sea turtle

The Sea Turtle Fishery has been closed since January 1, 2014 and will remain that way till September 30, 2014, both days inclusive.

All harvesting and sale of sea turtle meat must cease at midnight on December 31, 2013.

The closed season for the Sea Turtle Fishery is the period of year when it is prohibited to capture, fish for, expose for sale, sell, purchase or to have in possession any part of the sea turtle including the by-products. The closed season coincides with peak periods when sea turtles are reproducing and is established to allow the animals to mature and revive its population.

Contravention of the above conditions shall result in a maximum fine of EC$5,000 as stipulated under the Fisheries Act and Regulation Cap. 7.15. The department appeals to the general public, fishers and vendors to adhere to the closed season regulations and report to the marine police, the nearest police station or the department of fisheries, any fisher, vendor or person that is not complying with the closed season.

For additional information on the closed season or any other fisheries-related matter please contact the department of fisheries at telephone numbers, 468 4135 or 468 4147.


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