Not enough is being done to combat rape – Raise Your Voice

Not enough is being done to combat rape – Raise Your Voice

Highest-Rape-Crime-in-Ethiopia (2) Highest-Rape-Crime-in-Ethiopia (2)

PRESS RELEASE – Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia has observed with much horror recent increases in reported and unreported cases of rape; while we worry for the safety of woman and girls and offer support and counselling, we are concerned with the lack of action by public institutions mandated to counsel, investigate and ultimately bring to justice perpetrators of such heinous crimes against women and girls.

As a nation we have failed our women by not educating MEN NOT TO RAPE, instead we insists on telling women they must be careful, they must cover-up and they must not behave in a manner that leads to rape. This has resulted in victims of rape being further victimized by the very organisations and their employees who are to provide support to victims of rape.

Men rape because of the “I can get away with it” attitude, the weak judicial system, the society that sits pretty not making noise, men rape because of the way we bring up our male child, we do not teach men how to treat women with respect.

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia calls on all to speak up when a father does not treat a mother right, speak up, when a brother does not treat his sister right; speak up, when a boyfriend does not treat his girlfriend right.

Hunger for power over the weaker sex is at the centre of why men rape, everyone loves power, so do rapists. Our message to men “if you truly wish to experience power, exercise power over yourself” as only the weak try and control others, the strong exercises self-control. Let us all raise our voices to stop rape.


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  1. Unless you all dont turn back to the True and Living God through me Jesus Christ, worse things will happen. Men and women blame yourselves because its the evil desires you have that keep evil happening. And to make it worse you all only interested in catching criminals but refuse to look ino ways to eliminate the problem. Just a brief advice from Me; stop being sexually immoral and vile.


  2. What nonsense is this?!?! Why is this tripe even posted?
    ' women with little clothing is not the problem , educate men not to rape'
    ' men rape cus they like power'
    'Men rape cus they can get away with it'

    What misandristic filth!

    So now majority of men want to rape you? And we must 'teach them not to rape'? What do u think, I leave my house every morning and say 'oh! Its a good day, I think im gonna do some raping today!'. Imbecile.

    How about you come to terms with the fact that there are some sick people out there (male and female) who rape. They KNOW its wrong. They just dont care.

    So my dear women, since u know there are a very few men who will try to rape u, maybe provide less incentive?

    I swear these feminists grow dumber by the minute.


  3. What is raise your voice st. Lucia doing to help solve the problem? We can not only target me but let us also target women to help them realize what is rape. I say this because many women get raped by husbands and figure it isn't rape because of marriage. Some get raped by family members and keep secrets just for sake of not spoiling the family name. Others think rape is a one time thing by a single unknown perpetrator but it can happen repeatedly by the same known individual. Let us inform our women about dating drugs, forms of abuse, how to protect and defend themselves and what are steps to take after they have been raped. I am interested in knowing what our support services are in terms of mental and psychological issues for people on island. Another way I think we can help us to teach our women their value. I see too many young girls nowadays settling for "Netflix and chill" or side chick status and giving men power and authority over their bodies instead of respecting themselves. Please note in no way am I saying that as a result of a woman's lack of recognizing her worth does she give a man the right to rape her, or because of the way she carries herself does that give a man the right to rape her. I am merely saying that while we have to teach men how to respect and value women, we should also teach women how men should respect and value them. A lot of women think that if a man helps her out or takes her out on a date that in return she should sleep with him and if he forces himself on her then it's okay because he paid or is interested in her. We have to learn to say no and be forceful with our no, while men must learn to respect and honor our no. It is not always about sex and if it is about sex for u learn how to masturbate instead of forcefully taking or having sex with someone. Say no to rape ??


  4. I agree with the contents of this article. As the bible says, children will be making children and that is exactly what is happening today. And these young parents don't know how to raise a child so the youngsters grow up like wild animals - no care - no love - no affection. We sure can't expect better.


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