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North American companies express interest in starting local marijuana projects in St Lucia


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(CMC) – Companies in the United States and Canada have expressed an interest in starting medical marijuana projects here.

This was disclosed by the Chairman of St. Lucia’s Cannabis Movement, Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires, who said one of the investors wants to plant two thousand acres of marijuana on the island.

According to de Caires, the investors indicated interest up to three years ago, while another just this year expressed interest.

But de Caires has voiced concern that this country could miss the boat as it is still to legalise marijuana.

“We have already missed out on a lot of opportunities,” the Chairman of the Cannabis Movement told reporters Thursday.

De Caires revealed that five investors, four from Canada and one in the United States, have personally contacted him.

“These are guys who want to come down here and have us grow cannabis for their operations. It’s all medical, so what they want to do is produce medical extracts for export to an international market – big cannabis brands,” the Cannabis Movement official explained.

“We need to get going,” he declared, while adding that the Cannabis Movement was advised by the Office of the Prime Minister to speak with Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs, Bradley Felix, about the matter.

“It shows that the PM definitely has intentions of entertaining these foreign investors,” de Caires observed.

He said the Cannabis Movement has been trying to organise a meeting with Felix, the Minister of National Security and the Attorney General.

“We would like to meet the three of them together,” de Caires said.

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  1. I hope they have enough hospital to put some of them when they go crazy, like we don't have enough on the streets of saint Lucia.Why don't invest in something else.

  2. Be careful what you grow. Here is a link that must be of interest to those with legal farming in mind. Cut, paste, and read.

  3. Our leaders need to be brave and take a bold step with Marijuana legalization. This could be our new big export so we can have something besides tourism. We need to diversify plus with Marijuana all the profits stay in our country.

    • Export to where exactly? Unless our masters say it is ok to export we won't reap any benefits from this. And only when their companies have their tentacles in the raw material will they green light exports.

  4. Well i warned that it would come to this. We will create another big plantation for the white man to run. We could have done it for ourselves but no. We had to get the ok or the legality from the white people, but it was not until they owned the industry. Right now Coca Cola and a number of multinational companies have already taken the lead in investing. Now we work for them. Idiot move.

  5. St. Lucia really need to cash in on this…the BRICS are going far and wide collecting marijuana seeds all over the world so they can capitalize on this. I know not everyone is for marijuana and not everyone is for alcohol consumption either, but what about the people who want to make a living cultivating a crop that can not only feed their families but start generating monies on the island which is long overdue. We need to understand that not everyone wants to seat behind a desk, work in those hotels serving people or working for the government. Want to pay off our NATIONAL DEBT…we need to start cashing in on this. Honestly.

  6. We have to be careful that after all the people who were locked up for planting do not become hewers of wood and carriers if water St Lucians must be the greater benefactors

  7. 🌍The shitstem is rigged🌋

    Well we can't put the cart before the horse!mr chastenet we trusted into your acknowledgement from your own words of the great movement of GANJA beneficiaries for both y'all and us....the time is HIGH chas.

  8. Ganja have to bun . Its the healing of the nation and St Lucia high grade is the best, but watch them now bringing Babylon to invest and reap the profit when for years many years people had to take jail for just having a spliff . Rastas for generations as been champion its use and beneficiaries so many got lock up for using it as their religious sacrament So many Lucians take jail for ganja farming but now it's millions are been made Canada legalizing it government want there share of it. Hair club for men Felix Bradley have to give his too cents or get his cut. Everyday SSU chopping down local ganja farms for local use but as soon as the white man want to invest in Lucian high grade it's suddenly "fashionable" another sellout. My advise to St Lucians is to RUN THE BASTARDS WHEN THEY COME TO YOU. We will (as we have been doing for years) plant it reap it and contact buyers and export it the profit AND CONTROL will be remain with St Lucians not outsiders but we are all too familiar with the head of government and their system of monopoly as long as it's poor people who will stand to enrich form it they will enact all kind of legislative laws so it will only benefit themselves. Watch them

  9. Very interesting headlines

    Well first of all it’s a no no for America since they are so racist . They have more than enough land to grow their own farms . Secondly they are too hypocritical since they have been coming to destroy these marijuana plantations for nearly half a century all over the Caribbean . How about we train our own people to get the related licences . The farming won’t be a problem since we already have this skill and knowledge . Then if America truly desires , then we can sell our best home grown marijuana to them . Canada on the other hand , perhaps we can fit a deal with

  10. Country has been and continues to ran by GOATS, Jamaica is about to regain its once economic excellence in the Caribbean. Our goats may sort to ask them how........ hopefully they will be enlighten until then continue to plant bananas. We must find out how many marijuana trees fell during TS Kirk...


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