Nobel Laureate Week 2016 celebrates excellence: Transforming Lives

Nobel Laureate Week 2016 celebrates excellence: Transforming Lives
Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy addressing the opening of Nobel Laureate Week
Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy addressing the opening of Nobel Laureate Week
Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy addressing the opening of Nobel Laureate Week

PRESS RELEASE – The Nobel Laureate Week Committee (NLWC) launched Nobel Laureate Week 2016 to the national media at Government House on 12 January 2016 introducing the theme: “Celebrating Excellence: Transforming Lives.”

Chairperson of the Committee, Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, explained that the theme was chosen in keeping with the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda – ’17 Goals to Transform Our World’.

“These goals”, she said, “are designed to stimulate action in areas of critical importance for humanity and the planet, and the Committee is therefore inviting all Saint Lucians to commit to making the kind of positive change in our attitude, approach and disposition that would transform our lives at the economic, cultural and social levels, as we focus on the pursuit of excellence in all our endeavours”

For the fifth consecutive year, Mrs Carole Eleuthere-Jn Marie, Regional Manager of  OECS, First Citizens Investment Services Limited, presented Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy with a sponsorship cheque in support of the Walcott School Literary Festival.

The events this year range from the traditional lectures: The Derek Walcott lecture by Professor Rosanna Warren (26 January, National Cultural Centre, 7:30pm), The Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture by Dr Hyginus Gene Leon (28 January, National Cultural Centre 7:30pm) and The UWI Open Campus Patricia Ismond Literary Workshop (17 February, UWI Open Campus) to, a Dolor Factor and GIS Special hosted by Delia Dolor featuring a round table discussion led by Hon. Derek Walcott. (17 January 8:00pm NTN and CaribVision broadcasts)

Other events include activities by the Embassies of Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and the Alliance Francaise de Sainte Lucie; “Paint the Village”  where participants will work under the tutelage of well-known artist Jonathan Gladding an a project jointly hosted by Labowi Promotions and the Laborie Development Foundation; National Awards of Excellence hosted by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development; Open Night with the Dennery Development Foundation; Opening of Saint Lucia Books Fair and Exhibition organized by Options Inc.; the Vieux Fort Nobel Laureate Literary Night; as well as others organised by the Saint Lucia National Archives Authority, St Mary’s College, Radio Saint Lucia (RSL97), and  Rise St. Lucia.

The public is asked to note that the deadline for the Dokiman Kweyol Competition by Volunteer Saint Lucia has been extended to Friday 22 January. The competition offers an opportunity for Saint Lucia’s youth to go into their communities to document stories of the “good old days” as recounted by community elders. A call went out for support from Corporate Saint Lucia to provide prizes for the competition

For a list of all the Week’s activities, visit Facebook page: Nobel Laureate Week: Saint Lucia.


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  1. What seems to be escape our pseudo intellectuals and elites is the staleness of their approach by regurgitating inanities to our youth. "Transformation"? What the heck does that mean to the young people in the audience? Will they ask an older person this: "What does the GG really mean?"

    Young people are on their mobile devices. Is she reaching them there? Or is Facebook, Twitter and the like, where the young are, infra dig ?

    When does "transformation" become something that young can SPONTANEOUSLY become involved with, as providing channels for their energy, for their imagination, and for their growth?

    Every year it is the same boring blather. What is worse still: Nowadays, high intellectual effort and achievement is systemically becoming DOWNGRADED and debased into journen creole. What a bastardization and "banalization" of the Nobel Laureate concept and award!

    Do Saint Lucians really have any sense of values at all? Jesus Christ!


  2. Talking about transformation,year after year we are celebrating nobal lauriates week or day. Why can't show our young people what is required in acheiving such things in life? And,do Dereck Walcott comes back to the country and perhaps visit the schools where he would talk to students? Most,times it is good to celebrate with your own people. Dereck doesnt stay here long enough to me. How can you create an atmosphere with your people except if you have past away? Some of us hasnt seen Derick? So,what?


    • Derek Walcott, is always part of the Nobel Laureate week of activities. In fact he has input in many of the activities that involve his works and many organizations and individuals who celebrate Nobel Laureate week ensure that they include him in their activities.

      In fact during nobel laureate week this year one of the activities was done at the Methodist school (the school he attended) and he was there. baring illness, the Honorable Derek Walcott attends every activity that he is invited to and participates as well.

      Also our young people in the audiences at almost every function ask some very insightful questions regarding a wide range of issues that you would surprised they even take notice of. The activities do draw many young people. so Those of us who are unaware and remain unaware do your research before making sweeping statements.

      Additionally, the GG is reaching out to the young people via all of those social media and soliciting their suggestions about what activities they would like to see and get involved with for Nobel laureate week. The GG does not choose the theme herself as you may think, but actively invites suggestions from the general public and those same youth.

      Some of us are quick to say that the youth do not know what these words mean, but give our youth some credit,.

      We have very bright young people in St.Lucia and if you listen to the suggestions and questions asked by those young people in any forum you would see that saying they do not understand words like transformation is idiotic.


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