No water supply in Roblot, Choiseul for two weeks (letter to the editor)

No water supply in Roblot, Choiseul for two weeks (letter to the editor)

water_14Dear Editor: It’s been two  weeks since we in the community of Roblot, Choiseul have been without water.

The Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) still can’t resolve the matter and on top of that, they have not found it fitting to inform residents of their obligations (if any) to resolve the matter!

To and insult to injury, WASCO is putting out bulletins informing of “cancellation of service!”

Many of us residents have been trying to get word from WASCO as to when the service will be restored but to no avail.

We need an amicable response to this situation, so maybe it’s time to go to the media as it seems that’s the only time we get resolutions in this country.


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  1. NO WATER SUPPLY in two standposts of our ward
    Hon'ble Prime minister
    the poor people of Brahmakumari Marg, ward no-2 of Titilagarh town are not getting a drop of water since last six month although we are getting a lot of false assurances. Two stand posts have been supplied by PHD on our Marg, daily we are getting different reasons for non availability of water. Other areas of the town are getting 24 hours drinking water because the correpted officers & their staffs getting profits from them.
    Please take action to avoid a future violation.



  2. Am sure Parl Rep has lost many hours of sleep over this... come to think the whole of Rodney Bay must be in meltdown.

    Water Allows Sewage to ClOt is not accountable to anyone. A self fulfilling monopoly.

    An enlightened thing to do would be to explain how the islands water infrastructure works in detail. Roblot has no water but no reported probs from Dacretin, Morne Jacques areas (where Rodney Bay readers retort ???)...

    Conclusion... nothing to do with macro infrastruture rather a local issue they can't be bothered with. Same thing appears on News the whole time - Mabouya Valley even Ciceron....

    Everything relating to Utility provision is showered in obfuscation and cant. Drought, Global Warming (the great new gravy train), landslides etc are all trundled out according to the season.

    Wasco workers appear to pretty good and act on instructions. It is honest communication and the WASCO PR nonsense that drags the whole thing down into the pit...


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