No tsunami warning for Saint Lucia

No tsunami warning for Saint Lucia
Depiction of a large tsunami
Depiction of a large tsunami
Depiction of a large tsunami

PRESS RELEASE – An orange alert level remains in effect for the Kick ‘Em Jenny submarine volcano located approximately 8 km north of the island of Grenada.

According to the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre (UWI-SRC), the change in alert level from yellow to orange was in keeping with increased seismic activity which began on July 11, 2015. UWI-SRC has confirmed that a sharp increasing trend was observed during the period July 21 and 22, 2015, and that between 1:25am and 3:00 am on Thursday 23 July, 2015 the most intense activity, an eruption, was observed.

UWI-SRC has also confirmed that from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Thursday 23 July, 2015, the activity level at Kick ‘Em Jenny declined. UWI-SRC cautions, however, that it would be premature to take this decline as an indication that this eruption episode is over given that previous such eruption episodes, at this volcano, usually include more than one eruption event.

Further, reports from UWI-SRC indicate that the eruptions at Kick ‘Em Jenny are following similar patterns as observed in the past and that since 1935 the volcano has erupted in a similar fashion every 10 years with the latest eruption occurring in 2001.

UWI-SRC therefore anticipates that the eruptions will not reach the surface; however, the potential exists. The greatest threat at this time is to maritime/shipping and consequently an exclusion zone of 5 km (five kilometres) has been established around the volcano which should be strictly observed. Notwithstanding, members of the public are asked to remain vigilant and on high alert and to continue to monitor the situation.

The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) wishes to advise that the code orange alert refers to the Kick ‘Em Jenny volcano and not to the islands of the Eastern Caribbean. Additionally, there is no Tsunami Warning for Saint Lucia at this time.


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  1. how can we be so close but yet still no warning for St Lucia they are obviously taking this lightly as usual,I pray that we are safe ,only God knows .


  2. how can we b so close but yet still there is no warning for st lucia , I pray to God that we are safe he alone knows .


  3. "At this time" This says that it could change so look out and continue to pray. Even if our nation is not directly at risk, one of our fellow islands are. So pray for them


  4. Remember folks even the professionals in this field can be wrong. Therefore everyone all over the Caribbean (english & french) should be on alert and (well, one can never be prepared for this type of disaster).......


  5. Hello, God is in control. Some of us do not realize that God is THE CREATOR . THE CREATOR of all things. God is still creating. Everything new that we see whether in nature or the heavens is Still God's creation. Look at all these strange creatures that are been captured in the ocean lately. Some of them are being wash on shores. Terrible ugly looking creatures. They are god's creation. He is still creating this earth. That why we have no control over Him. Because His thoughts are not our Thoughts, His mind is not our mind and His ways our not our ways. The same way we cannot see the wind, we do not know when earthquakes are going to happen and we do not know when a volcano is going to erupt violently or quietly. All these things are in god's Almightly hands. So PEOPLE pray, pray, pray unceasingly . This is what governs God. When He hears the cries of People who are created in His Image and Likeness. HE CARES.


  6. I don't think that there is really a way we can prepare for this. 🙂 🙂 Tusamis are sudden. within 3 ro 10 mins of a quake.


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