NO-SHOW: Police officers failing to appear for ‘numerous’ court cases

NO-SHOW: Police officers failing to appear for ‘numerous’ court cases

Another case has been dismissed in the Magistrate’s Court because an investigating officer has failed to appear in court.

In the latest case, Magistrate Michelle Louis dismissed all charges against Danny James of Arrundel Hill, who was arrested and charged on June 10, 2012 with using obscene language to police officers.

The officer in charge of the investigation failed to appear in court on Friday, Nov. 9, and has not yet made full disclosure in the matter since the alleged incident.

As a result, Crown Prosecutor Andre Ettienne failed in his bid to gain an adjournment in the matter and the case was dismissed for want of prosecution.

Earlier this week, on Thursday, November 8, Magistrate Louis dismissed a case of wounding against Ackim Lionel after it was pointed out that the virtual claimant and investigating officer were absent.

Lionel too was a no-show in court in Nov. 9. With two previous bench warrants attached to his name for non-appearance, the magistrate ruled that in absentia, he has forfeited $250 of his $1,000 bail and must pay the fine forthwith or spend 14 days in prison.

In a third case, Magistrate Christine Phulchere dismissed a case against Gerald Laurencin of Trou Rouge, Castries on Nov. 7 after the two prosecution witnesses and the investigating officer failed to appear in court.

Attorney for the crown, Andre Ettienne, assured the court that the investigating officer and all parties had been duly informed of the court date.

The Crown representative was unable to provide acceptable reasons for the non-appearance of the two prosecution witnesses or the investigating officer.

Laurencin was charged with threatening words against Gerard Laconte and damage to property to Veronica Cenac.

St. Lucia News Online understands that “numerous other cases” have been dismissed because investigating officers, witnesses and defendants have failed to appear in court.


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  1. Judges need to start FINING Police Officers for not showing up in Court. That's dereliction of duty. And for every other Court date they miss, the fine should go up. When you start hitting them on their pockets, they will start showing up.


  2. Fine those police officers every time they miss a court date. And if they fail to pay the fine, arrest them. It's time this slow legal system in St. Lucia start moving and stop being stagnant or lagging!!!


  3. They need to start fining or re-reprimanding these officers for their lack of respect for the court system. Until then this will never cease.


  4. What's new pleaseeeeee,they will not show up especially if they in it 4 a cut.SMDH shame on them police slackers so many rotten apples.


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