No scandals? Alvina Reynolds must be living in a different St. Lucia, says Chastanet

No scandals? Alvina Reynolds must be living in a different St. Lucia, says Chastanet
Alvina Reynolds (right) must be living in a different Saint Lucia, says Allen Chastanet (left).
Alvina Reynolds (right) must be living in a different Saint Lucia, says Allen Chastanet (left).
Alvina Reynolds (right) must be living in a different Saint Lucia, says Allen Chastanet (left).

United Workers Party Leader Allen Chastanet has taken issue with a comment made by Health Minister Alvina Reynolds at the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s rally in Castries Tuesday evening.

During her presentation, Reynolds said there has been no scandals for the past four years under the SLP Administration.

Chastanet, writing on his Facebook profile Wednesday morning, expressed surprise at Reynolds’ statement, saying “Alvina Reynolds say that it has been 4 years and there has been no scandals. So I want to ask, what do they consider these embarrassing issues as:

“1. Lambirds Scandal – Foreigners were able to set up a company here in record time. All ministries gave the approval in record time (3 days). Police are still investigating Ministry of Commerce.

“2. Cuban citizens with St. Lucian Passport – No explanation given by the government. Almost hush hush on this mattter.

“3. IMPACS Report – Kenny Anthony cannot make the findings known to the public. The US, UK and Canada have put enormous pressure on St. Lucia as a result of the way Kenny Anthony handle this issue.

“4. Dr. Walid Juffali – Up till this point, the government has not answered to why it kept this appointment hidden for almost two years. Why was this decision taken knowing that Juffali was not qualified to represent St. Lucia at the IMO. Knowing Juffali has never attended one of the 27 meetings of the IMO since his appointment, why did they continue to keep him in that position if he is not doing what they “say” he should be doing, which is to represent St. Lucia’s interest at the IMO.”

Chastanet concluded by saying “Alvina Reynolds must be living in a different St. Lucia because clearly, these are major scandals that can have detrimental results to St. Lucia. Are you not concerned?”


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  1. Waiting for the manifesto chastanet stop beating your mouth first white man I see that like a roro so say what's your plans to fix what Kenny did


  2. All are the same . The ones out, are no different from the ones in. There might be a slight difference and that is for everyone to figure out. We are doomed with our politics and politicians. All are in the game for the money. We need politicians who would fight for the betterment of this country. So far, I don't see any.


  3. LOL I think she meant NO sandals because a lot of people are walking around barefoot, hungry and broke under Kenny and his clowns. First that jackass Stanley now this idiot Alvina. Bullshit overload! Too much in one day whoiiii


  4. Chastanet you're a complete idiot and JOKE!!! And you certainly make us all who walked the halls of Universities look bad.

    You appear to be intelligent when your mouth stays closed.


  5. We voted u w p out for the shot that they did we voted you in don't do the same shit they did an expert to sit in yr high chair


  6. Al I have heard from this rally is a bunch of SHIT. Felix before, now it is Alvina. No wonder the people who left Vieux Fort to go to that rally were only a few shantytown people, who were probably threatened (No STEP) if they did not attend.


    • For some time now, low information Looshans, cannot see that Kenny is doing the rent-a-croud thing just like Cuba's dentist-in-chief, Dr. Fidel Castro. He is just another two-a-half-penny dentist. Like his student, just another loser!

      A country always gets the government that it deserves. You vote for country bookie thinkers and you get country bookie government. En rouge! De bandes ...! Better days!


  7. Golden Balls you are so thick it is unbelievable. None of the examples you cited warrants the label you want place on them. Let me just take one: Unless you can prove the passports the Cubans were not forged then shut up. Now if you can prove it then do that. All of us in St Lucia would be happy those guilty of issuing St Lucian passports illegally were brought to justice. As a former minister of tourism you should be aware of the fact that people travelling on false passports is common thing.

    If this is the level of intelligence coming out of the St Lucian Prime Minister in waiting then god help us. May be now is the time to examine ourselves thoroughly before casting our vote. Why is it close to two hundred years after emancipation we need the very type of people who once used and abused us to come and save us. Why cant we find one of our own to run the country? IT'S SUCH A SHAME!!!!!!!


      • I will tell you where I put Kenny. Unfortunately there is no competition as Chastanet will NOT ACCEPT THAT COMPARISON. Remember in your history class mixed race people were not accepted as equals by the WHITE RULERS. Yes they were considered non-white. They were considered black. So after the white bastards had bred the Negro women (often through rape) both she and her off-spring were chucked away like worn out shoes. Don't equate Kenny to chastanet.


  8. Alvieeeee.....Elections is near an you are still in wonderland. No scandals? lmfao....This article is the joke of the day.


    • Dave, that same Alvee in wanderland can stand TALL in Babonneau and shout proudly on top of her lungs of ALL her ACHIEVEMENTS in her constituency. She will surely put the candidate going up against her SHAMEFULLY IN WONDERLAND. Do not worry about her, SHE HAVE WORKED, more than ANOTHER rep before her and that is A FACT.


      • More than Eziekel but never more than Bousquet or Finistere however as to say whether she still has a chance of winning...hmmm I highly doubt it.


  9. all these power hungry people!! what a shame to this dirty game of politics!! pot calling the kettle black! all you running my country dry! do not trust politicians they are all a bunch of thieves, liars, and crooks!!


  10. The pot is calling the kettle black, that's the way i see it. Both the Uwp and Slp are in the same boat, look at it on the bright side. When a contract is assigned to a contractor who gets it, their friends and family not the one who support the other parts so on the bright side scandle shouldn't be a topic that can be discuss at all no matter what. Don't know when we St lucians will wake up and don't let these hungry politicians play with our head.


    • Law and other where have you been living? To say both UWP and SLP are in the same boat, are you deaf or blind? That could NEVER be true.


  11. Mr Chastenet is right. He however forgot to mention the many more scandals in the UWP. It seems that he is living in a different UWP.


    • It is a different UWP, no more bruce tucker, Alfredo the Powder dealer, and mondesord, spider,


      • Dave, that same Alvee in wanderland can stand TALL in Babonneau and shout proudly on top of her lungs of ALL her ACHIEVEMENTS in her constituency. She will surely put the candidate going up against her SHAMEFULLY IN WONDERLAND. Do not worry about her, SHE HAVE WORKED, more than ANOTHER rep before her and that is A FACT.


  12. But Chas where you living? The woman has been in wonderland for a while. How comes you dont know that? The Labour party is a syndicate.


    • Country bookie shut up! Your idiot idol promised transparency. Perhaps, you are just too dumb to know what this means.
      It is jackass moo-moos like you who have the country bookie loading this Godforsaken country with debt and taxes, while he travels from airport to airport smiling and laughing from ear to ear. In the meantime, we are here catching our tails. People have no water. Some going to bed at night still hungry. Some are committing suicide.

      Got you! Reynolds is trying to be very clever. Some country bookies think that they are really smart.

      Frame the argument within a 4-year time frame and the rest disappears. In other words, forget about the string of idiotic mistakes that has made us lose our No. 1 position in the OECS? Hell no!

      Take this crap back, my dear!

      Take it back jack and jenny asses. Here it is! Under Kenny's watch he engineered one financial disaster after another:

      1. Frenwell, a $48 million loss. That went up in smoke. Poofff!!
      2. Blackbay lands, $86 million loss. Lands that were ours, to all intents and purposes, simply handed over to friendly "investors" he called them. Pooufff!!. To get our lands back we have to pay up $86 million again. Accountants will tell you that the net impact of this crass stupidity is $176 million dollars to the Treasury. This is no small scandal. Or are some of the SLP joker MPs that dumb?
      3. Grynberg keeps laughing at us and my mate.
      Unknown to most of us, a la President Fidel Castro, Kenny signed a sweetheart deal Grynberg costing the Treasury yet another $150 million. That went poouffe!! Taxpayers have to shell out that money indirectly to pay for that, and/or a foreign exchange loan or foreign exchange earnings have to had to meeting that kind of financial obligation.

      The man does not show that even he knows the first thing about "due diligence". Yet the SLP keeps him in place to keep on tormenting the rest of us with his egregious blunderings. They are enjoying his better days. Not the rest of us. And what did we as Saint Lucians get for all this money and the other sums above? Nothing! Nothing at all! Saint Lucian taxpayers may even have to find an additional $500 million yet, to pay the judgement now that the matter is reportedly in the hands of a world tribunal, and the legal fees for this, another egregious financial blunder.

      Kenny is costing this country too much in reputation, blood, sweat and treasure. Supporters of this economic cretin and those like him with low native economic and business intelligence, must be sent to pasture. Better days? I cannot see ahead any kind of better days. You? Better days?


  13. A pastor hears a strange noise at his home at 1:00 a.m. He thinks it might be an intruder. He retrieves his firearm and cautiously follows the noise to his daughter's room. He quickly opens the door and sees a young man standing over his daughter reaching to touch her , whiles she sleeps. The young man pulls a knife and the pastor points his gun. At which time the young man drops the knife shouts "Don't Shoot"!
    The daughter awakes and the pastor quickly turns on the bedroom light. The pastor calls his daughter toward him quickly and tells her call the police.
    The young man cries and begs the pastor not to call the police. By that time the pastor realizes that the young man is tidy and kinda smart looking.
    The pastor stops his daughter says to the young man " I will give you a chance if you agree to join my congregation and become friends with my daughter".
    The young man agrees.
    To me that's a ridiculous proposition!!

    But the moral of the story is that even though you can find thousands of reasons why something cannot be right some people can always get one or two ridiculous explanations or excuses for their 'irrational" actions.