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No respect for the arts, says Choiseul youth leader

By Nyus Alfred, Choiseul Youth Leader

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(STATEMENT) — For the first time in a long time this year, young people across all backgrounds were engaged in our Independence celebrations. Sports events have been a staple of course, but Youth Expose, which was arguably one of the best events on the calendar, provided an opportunity for young entrepreneurs, artists (both visual and performing), designers and many more to showcase their talent.

The event was a hugely successful one, and received rave reviews from the prime minister and all the government ministers and parliamentary representatives who were present. Many of the young people involved credited the event for providing a timely boost to their business ventures.

After such massive success, it is indeed sad to see that Youth Expose has been scratched off the calendar for the celebration of our 40th anniversary next year. The calendar is instead dominated by sports events, and youth parliament is thrown in there. What message are we sending to the young entrepreneurs and youth in the creative industries, who were looking forward to the event next year?

With the massive investment already being pumped into sports, are we saying that the only way that a young person can receive adequate opportunity is if they turn to sports? I hope that the Independence Committee sees the importance of the event, and the need to belatedly add it to the calendar of events for next year.

Young people have undoubtedly contributed to the growth of this nation over the past 40 years, so that it is only fitting that these contributions are recognized across the board through such a platform.

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One comment

  1. It is time for our young people to stop regurgitating all the rubbish that they hear continuously from the failures around them. As a past NYC affiliate, it is imperative for us to be a little bit more nuanced in our speech regarding the way in which we profile and project ourselves as a nation.

    The arts can take us only this far and can be very individualistic in scope. Whether it be poetry, writing, music or painting, we might praise the individuals who prosper, but the country itself and as a whole remains poor.

    Look around you. Those who prosper make a name for themselves. 'Lesser mortals' can only bask in their reflection. We do not share their wealth nor their earnings.

    I can boast of our Nobel Laureates until the cows come home. What they did must be emulated. However, the spotlight is never shone on me.

    We should get our old foggy leaders in government and the Church to help to get us up to the next level by making the budgetary and other sacrifices to teach technology-related subjects in all our schools. This extends from the primary to the tertiary levels.

    We need to rethink the future. We need to create the future we want all by ourselves.

    As a nation, we must endeavour to rise up and become much more than just the old-faschioed 'hewers of wood and drawers of water'.

    Let NOT the African part of our culture continue to reduce us to be little more than just the entertainers of and for the world.


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