No one should interfere with the media – SLP Chairman

No one should interfere with the media – SLP Chairman
Claudius Francis
Claudius Francis
Claudius Francis Photo: SLP

Days after serving legal papers to Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL) President, Clinton Reynolds, Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Chairman, Claudius Francis, has said no one should interfere with the media.

Francis was responding to a question asked by a reporter about an alleged “war” with the media, which he denied, stating that the SLP has a good working relationship with the most media workers.

He said he also has a great working relationship with someone who is even vying for the Presidency of the MASL.

The party chairman told an SLP new conference on Thursday that while people should not interfere with the work of the media, the media must exercise some form of responsibility when executing their duties.

Francis served Reynolds with court documents sometime about one week ago, over statements made about an alleged sexual assault case, which has become a spotlight issue.

Recently, Saint Lucian journalist, Timothy Poleon, who was faced with a similar legal battle, took the government to task over its recent alleged attacks on the local media fraternity.

Poleon said on Newsspin, that while there are a few journalists on the island who are holding the government’s feet to the fire, they are being put under tremendous pressure.

The broadcaster accused the ruling administration of allegedly creating an atmosphere where the media is being suppressed, and the rights to freedom of expression is being trampled on, especially when they are put in a negative light.

Reynolds also joined in by saying that the local media must step up, come together and recognize that their democracy is being threatened.

He also declared that if the media allow politicians and other interest groups to continue to “marginalize, threaten, intimidate and ridicule us” then there will be no future for media on Saint Lucia.


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  1. Just because you're pals with Fevrier who's vying for presidency of the MASL doesn't make you or your party innocent in all this.

    It has been clear for years now that KDA does not appreciate any form of criticism and simply wants everyone in this country to remain mute while he does as he pleases.

    This isn't a communist state KDA and co.

    We have freedom of choice and expression here so if your administration is messing things up, Lucians have their right to speak out and criticize your policies and decisions (media personnel or otherwise) ;end of story!!

    Look at how much criticism politicians get in the US and UK. Man up and accept your flaws as well as your party's flaws Claudius, instead of singing for your damn supper.


  2. Did anyone even expect you to say anything different? I mean seriously, would you come out and talk against yourself and de partee? Choops tun!


  3. Don't worry with this guy. He only says that but deep down inside he does not mean it.
    He claims to be popular but that popularity only is among his red kind. Out of that very few respects him.


  4. Claudius can silence the media, but in 2016 only political dinosaurs are naive enough to think they can silence the vote of an informed voter. Its high time the people of st.lucia teach these guys a lesson they will never forget.


  5. When errors are made on either side of the isle, apologies should be in order. We are a civil society. Failure to do so, may lead to unwarranted court cases.


  6. Francis was responding to a question asked by a reporter about an alleged “war” with the media, which he denied, stating that the SLP has a good working relationship with the most media workers.

    "He said he also has a great working relationship with someone who is even vying for the Presidency of the MASL"

    Does this mean that there is a conspiracy to over throw Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL) President, Clinton Reynolds so that the labour party can control the media from within?


    • He can respond to that question but not the allegations for..... I have lost every little respect i had for the SLP.


  7. Fighting down and crucifying the press for information that is plastered all over the electronic media. No shame. To me in times like that you should be 'DUCKING' and keeping your tail quiet.


  8. The UWP has always been the one to allegedly suppress the media.

    During the reign of Sir John, one or two radio stations/media houses were shut-down.
    The Media was able to "breathe" when the SLP (a party that's people friendly, cares about everyone and very advanced in thinking,) Elected into office.

    The "yellow party" cannot build anything.



  9. This article should read....'Leader of Senate serves media with legal papers'

    is it only me who sees a potential conflict of interest here?
    let's hope that there are no laws being passed that affects the media in anyway because there will definitely be a case for judicial review.

    it's interesting how a Minister always speaks as a Minister but a Senator can speak as:
    1. a Senator.
    2. a Party Chairman.
    3. Radio personality(sort of).
    4. as a man (use that loosely) who knows everything.

    .... and NO i am not UWP


  10. Claudius , do you think it was a wise move by you to have the Speaker of the House, Peter Foster act as your lawyer?

    In my opinion that move played a card against the SLP government.

    While I agree to and support responsible reporting, what I have observed is that when persons , including some media personnel take the SLP government to task, or when certain stories are published, they are being labeled on social media as operatives of UWP or working for UWP.

    As if no one should have an objective view.
    Some of SLP hacks are so delusional that they have stoop to an all time low by saying the media is controlled by UWP.
    Poor jab, when all sense and objective reason has escaped you, that is what you get. Baseless thinking , because Red Kool Aid has no nutritional value. Red Kool Aid is the new Zombie juice. It leaves you with no brains.


    • Yellow kool aide....Same ting. Two peas in pod Labour and UWP. Won't be surprised if they're both colluding.


  11. Oh Claudius, you are an enigma. It's amazing that your lawyers, on your behalf, serve a media personnel papers and come on national television and say "NO ONE SHOULD INTERFERE WITH THE MEDIA". ...................

    Except Claudius Francis. smh.


  12. Chops!!! Really now, honestly I think you guys think you are talking to some three years old kid. This is 2016 will see on Election Day.


    • It's high time we stop referring to these men as honorable until they can so prove their worth. I am sick and tired of them hiding behind the good name and honor of their public positions. What we must realize is that all these underlying dirty truths are tainting our society. We are seeing several manifestations of what happens when we cover up filth for long enough.


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