UPDATE: No one arrested for killing ‘Face’

UPDATE: No one arrested for killing ‘Face’
Stephen Francis aka Face
Stephen Francis aka Face

(SNO) — Last month’s shooting death of Wilton’s Yard, Castries resident Stephen Francis, aka Face, may become another cold case.

Police have yet to arrest and bring charges against anyone in connection with the homicide, according to reliable sources.

The 47-year-old father of two succumbed at Victoria Hospital from gunshot wounds he sustained in his community on Sunday, August 19. The incident occurred after 7 p.m.

Following his death, persons, as usual, took to social media to give their opinion of the incident and the deceased.

The views were mixed. Some said Francis, whose photo and name appeared in an alleged police ‘hit list’ of criminals, years ago, was known to have had brushes with the law in the 1990’s to early 2000’s but appeared to have had changed his life.

“I know him personally . Da man do nuff ting already in the 90s . But he cool out. U think is just so somebody will kill de man like that?” one individual wrote.

Others said despite his past he had a “good character”.

Some of the comments were:

“Indeed he had a good character. He was very polite too. I was shocked when I heard he was the one who got killed.”

“… Face was a mature man who would talk the youth in violence does not pay and you can tell in the way he preserved himself…alot of ppl who didn’t know him never heard of him until his untimely violent death…he was a peacemaker though he wud defend his own as wud any human instinctively….rest in peace mi bredda.”

“I dont know him to well but he always greeted me and never seemed to be in any bad mood. RIP sir”

His death was the 19th homicide for the year. At least five other homicides have occurred since.


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