No more tuition fees for Dominica State College students

No more tuition fees for Dominica State College students
A view of the Dominica State College. File photo
A view of the Dominica State College. File photo

(DOMINICA NEWS ONLINE) Students attending the Dominica State College (DSC) no longer have to pay tuition fees. All outstanding fees owed by students of the College have also been cancelled

However, they will be required to perform mandatory voluntary community service.

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Roosevelt Skerrit made the announcement after a site visit of the 1st phase of the new National Hospital Project on Monday.

He said these measures came into effect on Monday May 13, 2019.

“I had the occasion to write to the President of the Dominica State College [Dr. Donald Peters]to advise him of the decision of the government to discontinue the payment of tuition fees by students attending the state college with effect from May 13th, 2019, and also to place a condition on students attending state college that they must engage themselves in a mandatory volunteerism at the community level as part of inculcating in the minds and the hearts of our students the need for them to play a greater role in community development,” he said.

Skerrit continued, “Seconding to also advise the President of the college that all outstanding fees owed as of May13th 2019 would have been canceled.”

This he said this ensure students continued access to the college.

He said with the help of the government of China, his government was able to build a modern campus with adequate facilities.

Furthermore, Skerrit stated that he has indicated to the College that there has to be an increased focus on some of the technical vocational programnes.

“We need more electricians in Dominica. We need more plumbers in Dominica. We need more masons in Dominica, more carpenters in Dominica, more people with more technical skills, but with certification,” he said, pointing out that there are a number of tradesmen and women in Dominica who have natural skills and others who have learnt skills but lack certification and are therefore, restricted to working in Dominica.

“With the skills certificate, the entire Caribbean would therefore become their market place and they will be able to take their knowledge and skills to different parts of the Caribbean,” Skerrit explained.

Meantime, he said his government is looking to open up the college to people who are employed who find it difficult to attend school during the normal working hours.

“We need to look at night programmes so that those of us who are working and want to learn and be exposed to additional skills and qualifications can go to night school and be able to access this education,” the prime minister said.


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