No more sympathy votes, says Micoud North SLP candidate

No more sympathy votes, says Micoud North SLP candidate
Herbert Roserie * Photo credit: Marius Modeste
Herbert Roserie
* Photo credit: Marius Modeste

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate Herbert Roserie has expressed confidence in the SLP being able to secure the Micoud North seat at the next general elections.

Roserie, who will be contesting the seat along with the incumbent MP and Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert, and Independent Candidate Jeannine Compton-Antoine, said there wouldn’t be any “sympathy votes” this time around.

While admitting that the SLP has never managed to secure a win in that constituency in recent years, Roserie is confident that things could change for the better, since the SLP is already gaining ground in that constituency.

He said a lot of “sympathy votes” went to Compton-Antoine at the last election, because she resigned from the United Workers Party (UWP) a year before, over issues with the then government and people felt the need to sympathise with her.

It is estimated that over 400 SLP supporters voted for Compton-Antoine in 2011.

“If the SLP votes should maintain their position by voting Labour, it would be sufficient to carry home the seat for the Labour Parrty,” Roserie told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview.

The SLP candidate believes that Dr. Rigobert may not be able to secure the amount of votes she did at the last election, because she is still not popular in the constituency.

Roserie said he hopes to bring about some change to how things are done there.

“Since my entry into the political arena I have discovered that it’s really about organisation. The SLP has not been as organised in Micoud North as it could have been,” he explained.

He said in the past, the SLP would select a candidate to contest the seat and nothing else would be heard about the candidate or the party until the next election.

However, Roserie said he wants to ensure that the SLP maintains its presence in Micoud North during the elections and after elections. He said this will only improve with time.

The SLP candidate said he already has a “good” support base in the constituency.

Prime Minister and SLP Leader Dr. Kenny Anthony announced on Sunday Roserie as one of three candidates who will be contesting the next elections on behalf of the SLP.

Roserie is a teacher and member of the Micoud North Constituency Council.

He will terminate his employment soon to join the campaign trail.


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  1. is this the old talking nuff shate on Slap. Now come get slapped for talking shate


  2. AA it seems like retirees no longer want to retire but trying their best to stay in government or be government. Anyway it eh matter if don't win because the party will take care of you for your time and efforts. I hope they did the same last elections for the lady who went up...cant remember her name or anything she said.


  3. Another one DEAD ON ARRIVAL. The Compton years are dead and gone.
    The people who used to adore him are all gone. Some left the Country
    and may never return, most are no longer with us, hardly the thoughts
    of him left. The youth are better educated now, listen to better news
    and not as naive as their grand parents. If anyone looking for sympathy
    votes, you are wasting your time. Jenine didn't get it, because it's GONE.


  4. lmao.......oh what a good laugh....where have you been?? Jeanine got sympathy votes?? are you crazy...both jeannine and gale are stronger candidates than you. you can not even command a conversation but here you are already shooting crap...tell me about your dad! and what caused his death...smh


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