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Politically Incorrect discontinued

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Another talk show in Saint Lucia bites the dust.

Politically Incorrect, hosted by Christopher Hunte on Choice TV, has been discontinued by the company.

In a message posted on its website on Monday, the television station’s parent company, Mediazone Productions Inc., said they decided to discontinue production of the show after a “most recent review”, and thanked Hunte for making the show a “success”.

Here is the full statement:

“Mediazone Productions Inc, content producer and management company for Choice Media Network (TV & Digital), undertakes reviews of all programming produced by the company on a regular basis. This is done to ensure that our resources are deployed in a way that best contributes to the company’s objectives in order to meet our mandate to inform, educate, entertain and engage our audiences.

“After our most recent review, we have made the carefully considered decision to discontinue production and broadcast of Politically Incorrect. We acknowledge the intense buzz the show garnered in its short run, and assure our valued viewership that the show’s timeslot will be filled with programming that our viewers can learn from and be entertained by.

“We offer our sincere thanks to host Christopher Hunte, the production team, and you – the loyal viewer – for making Politically Incorrect the success that it was during its run on air. The show will live on as part of our online archive, where past episodes can be viewed on our Facebook Page.

“Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Choice TV.”

The discontinuation of Politically Incorrect follows that of Radio Caribbean International’s ‘Newsspin’ which made its final spin last Friday after 20 years. The management said the move was part of the company’s re-branding campaign. The show’s long-time host, Timothy Poleon, was fired about two weeks prior to the discontinuation of the show. He has since started a new show on Real FM.

Another talk show, ‘Can I Help You’, hosted by former government minister and lawyer, Richard Frederick, on MBC television, will also not be aired for an unspecified amount of time. The host said he is taking a break but promised to return.

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  1. Was about time!

  2. Too many lawsuits against Choice and Hunte. Hard to say the real truth just like the host. I know cause am part of one lawsuit. Lies and fabrications. High those political shows cease.

  3. Discontinue a popular program with a large viewership under the pretence of program review. Bullsh*t!

    Take note St Lucians. All is not what it seems to be.

    Who are the most deceptive people, liars, bull-shi**ers and whose words have no truth; yes you know the answer. Watch-out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. He get a job with ray know already

  5. Don't make promises you cant keep.

  6. Christopher Hunte was too real for St.Lucia

  7. It was about time these political campaigns came to an end. They promote more division in the country all year round. Plz let the country rest, after elections we the ppl are tired of politics. can we just wait until it’s that time again?

    • Yout comment is ill informed. Speak for yourself. A GOVF IS FOR THE PEOPLE AND WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHATS HAPPENING! When there is no more money to borrow, who will play with Helen? Can you relocate? I beg you too just shut your mouth uneducated fool!

  8. Why is Rick Wayne and Sam Liar Flood shows are not stop?

    • These DIANASAURS POLITICAL THORNS AND PUNDITS should have been the first to go People are so tired.

    • There's something called tack
      And these 2 have been in that far too long to know what and how to say it.
      Further more they are UWP. But that wouldn't make sense. Since Timothy poleon is UWP whilst the whole of RCI is SLP
      Eg. Jouk bois will use 'crystal" in another voice to bash governments-speaking in third person. You can never say he said it.

      To be honest them shows makes no sense. Same callers who knows everything. On radio; everyone is doctor. Lawyer. Politician. Pastor. Coach. Athlete. Consultant.

    • You should know the difference if you understand information. Sam Flood is an entertainment show and is in patois. Can you sue a man speaking in patois? Secondly, Rick Wayne says nothing that he has no proof about or can substantiate a source. We have made that assertion time and time again. But guess what? We hate Rick because he says things that go against our accepted beliefs.


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