No investigation into Senator Jimmy Henry, says top security officials

No investigation into Senator Jimmy Henry, says top security officials
From left: Henry, Francis and Desir.
From left: Henry, Francis and Desir.

Both Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Hermangild Francis and Acting Commissioner of Police Milton Desir have denied any knowledge of or refuted allegations of a recent police investigation into Senator Jimmy Henry, according to HTS News4orce reports.

On his live television talk show last Thursday, July 6, former government minister Richard Frederick alleged that Henry was stopped by police at the George F.L. Charles Airport and questioned regarding the alleged possession of a significant sum of undisclosed cash.

However, Francis, in an exclusive interview with HTS today, Tuesday, July 11, denied knowing of any investigation regarding Henry and suggested that the allegation is political mischief.

Meanwhile, the top cop, Desir, told HTS that he gave no order to investigate Senator Henry, who is the Minister in the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives.

Henry has declined to comment on the allegations.


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  1. Can you say "cover up?" The men on the ground did their job and SERVED, and it seems like the big bosses are trying to PROTECT someone. Come on, where there's smoke there's fire. The minister did not just resign for the hell of it.


  2. It is possible that Henry is being investigated by Customs and not the Police which could explain why Desir is suffering from amnesia on this investigation.


  3. The IMPACTS report spoke about corrupt politician, businessmen and policemen when it made public.

    The Americans took back the Defender "St Lucian's Coast guard" saying that it was being used to carry drugs.

    In addition some top policemen, and some politicians visa were revoke.

    Should we wake up and smell the coffee?


  4. If it's false sue Richard, then again Emperor Chas who loves legal action can not do anything about Richard up to now. It really makes me wonder.


  5. If Lament was innocent he would be shouting from the rooftops. What a corrupt police force we have and we wonder why criminal run amok....Hermangild is a useless minister and has failed in his job as national security minister. Desir whatever hou were promised to lie tonthe public I hope you get it... Commissioner of Police? Let's see. LiARS


    • trump i totally agree with you. Mr top cop i have a question in respond to your comment if a police finds a minister i leaving the island with large sums of cash and finds it suspicious he first has to seek permission form you prevent the a suspected crime from happening. NO WANDER A MINISTER GO TO PRISON IN ST LUCIA . All of you a bunch of liars.


  6. So Hermangild you are doing the best that you can? With the number homicides on the rise and you appearing clueless as to how to address the matter, I expect that to see your resignation on the PM's desk in the morning. To be honest your performance has been nothing short of abysmal......Take your BiG FAT "F" and beat it!!!!




  8. Another tactic used by the slp to divert attention from the ministers account. Nice try. Come again


    • Why is Jimmy Henry silent[aka no comments] on matter that has no merit, is false or is misleading? Who would stay quiet on matter that bring one's reputation into disrepute.....unless?

      I see smoke....I am willing to bet there is FIRE!!! More question than answers!!!!


  9. Well, assuming that Mr R. Frederick is not alleging contrary to the truth, make sure you are a Senator or MP or Minister before you board a plane to or from St. Lucia. But if Mr Frederick is not lying it shows that this Government is just as nasty as the other in it's ability to cover-up. But the interesting twist is that they have had 2 ministerial-senatorial cover-ups in less than one year.


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