No hard feelings; housing minister speaks out on arrest

No hard feelings; housing minister speaks out on arrest
Stanley Felix. Photo credit:
Stanley Felix.

After what he described as an “unpleasant” situation in front of his Rodney Bay bar, Housing Minister Stanley Felix said police officers were merely exercising their duties in accordance with their interpretation of the prevailing law when they arrested him last weekend. 

In a press statement issued today, May 14 bearing his signature, Felix confirmed his arrest   for allegedly playing loud music at his business, the Q-Bar on May 10 about 3:15 a.m.

Although in his account of the incident, Felix noted that he did not resist the police, he said he harbours no ill will or malice toward the lawmen.

In providing an explanation for his arrest, he recalled that while at the bar he noticed that a police patrol vehicle came to a halt near his premises, and realising the officers were looking in the direction of his bar, he left the building and approached them.

“I addressed the officers … one of them asked me to shut down the music … I sought to remind the police officer that the Q-Bar is not known for playing loud music,” he stated. 

Felix also claimed that he was taken aback since the music from the bar could hardly be heard a few feet away. He said he did not think he was creating disturbance.

But one of the officers insisted the music must be shut down.

“Following some back and forth argument over the matter I was told that I was under arrest. While leaning on the police vehicle I was told that I must not lean on the vehicle and must be searched before entering the vehicle. 

“The experience was unfortunate and unpleasant, however I have always been and remain a law abiding citizen. I am an attorney-at-law, and being an officer of the court and a member of the executive arm of government, I am fully seized of the responsibilities attendant to these offices,” he explained. 

He said many people who were at the bar at the time witnessed what happened. He was driven to the Rodney Bay Sub-Station, a short distance away from his business. He recalled that he was given a chair to sit on and the police officers left shortly after.

“While I was at the sub-station, several individuals who were present at the bar arrived near the station. Approximately 15 minutes later, the two arresting officers returned. A short while after I was told by one of the police that I was free to leave.”

The law as provided in the Criminal Code of Chapter 3.01 states that no person shall operate a loudspeaker in any street or at any public or political meeting unless he or she has been issued a permit under Section 553 to do so.

A person guilty of such an offence could be fined no more than $1000 or imprisoned for no more than a year or receive both punishments.


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  1. I think the law to shut down two 2:oo am is the law. But on the other hand business has to go on. The main issue is not opening business in residential areas and if that type of business e.g. a bar has to open aired with loud music then the Planning unit has to do their job. Ensure that businesses are not open in residential areas, also parking becomes an issue to the residence. Too many things are not done properly in this island. Planning is not doing their job.


  2. Can't. The build these bars/entertainment spots ect. with sound proof wall. Really 2 am shut down is one i can't stand. No night life


  3. Q-BAR!!! UNSATISFACTORY CUSTOMER SERVICE the female bar attendance should be fired!! not surprised that the owner want to be defiant to the law.
    SELF CENTERED PEOPLE in our communities stop the loud music let neighbours sleep. be considerate!!


  4. i agree with the officers to a point that if you are breaking the law you should be held accountable for your actions. he has to be searched as with all who enter the police vehicle for the safety of the officers no one should be pardoned. as to just sitting in the station and then said to leave was very unprofessional in my opinion, they could of dealt with that better. very sporty of him to hold no grudge but how does he sees the officers now? does he still show respect for them or will he behave like the others


  5. They should have charged your backside and you would be telling a different story today. Think you'll are above the law


  6. Who ever made that law about shut down is 2 a.m is mix m€£¥~da ass. Number one tourist destination my ass . We say serious about developing our tourism product. Stop letting rich dictate the laws of this nation that's how we got in this hot mess in the first place. If I go to a tourist destination in a foriegn country that closes at 2 a.m I will not go at all. Damn problem is that the business owners in the Rodney bay village don't see problem with this;idiots and their political affiliations. God forbid the economy gets to a critical then idiot law makers will want to encourage business to run 24 hours . We just don't get , the bloody country still goes on shut on weekend , people economies that are surviving they don't close for anyone or anything. You think those tourist islands of the coast of Spain close at 2 a.m no bloody way , then the thousands of young professional who leave England will never go accross on weekends. Tourism folk do the research and calculate how much is lost.

    p.s I have no political affiliation , my party is St. Lucia .


    • So I am guessing it is all about the tourism product and nothing to do with residents who may be at the receiving end of all this noise? So laws should be put in place to suit tourist alone...and not for citizens who live in the country...that is a very myopic view you have...


    • Rz u forget we live in a small island, Rodney Bay and other hotspots are both residential and commercial. You are saying a resident of Rodney Bay should be ok with hearing loud music all hours of the night and early morning? how r they suppose to sleep. I totally agree with the 2 am shut down. People seem to have no respect for people's sleep! I think your argument is irrelevant, and your comparisons to bigger countries is irrelevant as well because we can in no way compete with these countries economically. To note further i once worked in a hotel where some guests would complain about the loud noises coming from Rodney Bay in the early hours of the morning. Therefore even the tourism product you are talking about is affected negatively here.


    • Such a liar!!! Anyone who reads carefully can see your politics pertruding out of every sentense.


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