“No gov’t which places horses before people can survive” — Francis said SLP is not divided

“No gov’t which places horses before people can survive” — Francis said SLP is not divided
Former Senate President Claudius
Talk show host and former senate president, Claudius Francis (left) expressed confidence that the SLP will be returned to power, saying the current government led by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet (right) prioritizes horseracing over healthcare. In the middle is a horse.

Talk show host Claudius J. Francis has said the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is not divided as their political opponents would want Saint Lucians to believe.

Writing on his Facebook profile on Monday, Francis, who hosts “Straight Up” on Radio 100, said the Party’s unity was evident at their “alive and buzzing” Conference of Delegates, held on Sunday in Marigot under the theme ‘Forward with Unity and Purpose’.

Francis was elected chairman of the SLP in January 2016. He served as president of the Senate of St. Lucia from 2012 to 2016.

“Let them who wish to say we are divided keep on saying so because our actions say otherwise. Yesterday, Sunday, 13 October 2019, the Stanley Jon Odlum Secondary School was alive and buzzing. Packed hall and still many more on the outside,” Francis wrote.

The former senate president noted the attendance of party stalwarts at the conference.

“It was such a wonderful occasion, especially seeing so many past Parliamentary Representatives and past candidates present. I was especially happy to see Hon. Sir Julian R. Hunte and Chairman Emeritus, Thomas R. Walcott, not only present, but involved,” he said.

Francis said the introduction of Wayne Girard, as the SLP’s confirmed candidate for Anse La Raye/Canaries, was “especially electrifying and would have sent shivers down the spine of the incumbent in the next-door constituency”.

He expressed confidence that the SLP will be returned to power, saying the Allen Chastanet-led government prioritizes horseracing over healthcare.

“Yes, we are on our way. Saint Lucia will be rescued and returned to its people, for no government which places horses before people and stables before hospitals can survive. Onward we march, soldiers of Labour,” he said.


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  1. Ok. So you mean that some of us are so stupid that we don't recognize that investment and social services are two different things? In fact you need investments to pay for your social and health services. So what is Claudius saying here? The government has already embarked on a path which it thinks that is practical in constructing a new wing at St. Judes and a glitch in the electrical system has delayed the opening of the OKEU. the government has gone a step further in trying to get National health care for all to finance the operations of our health institutions - a recurring expense, that was killing us that got us to where we are today. If we had horses already just maybe we would have had the money to finance our health care. What Claudius and the SLP are proposing if they get into power is to open the hospitals. Have they answered how they intend to get the $40 million a year needed just to keep OKEU alone running? we are not talking about other health institutions or maintenance of none just to run OKEU. Just making irresponsible statements should not shield you from answering the consequential ones. I want to hear somebody ask Claudius if not horses what else will keep OKEU or our entire health apparatus running?


  2. After you read the contents of a statement check to see weather there are any facts to it, and only then you should criticize the statement and it's writer. {St. Lucia needs help. You can quote me on that.} I would like to ask, what is Donald idiot Trump's presidency has anything to do with what we have going in St. Lucia. We do not need a United States history lesson here. What we need is a good and healthy way to live.


  3. You know what is sad about that statement? It's not the content of the statement, it's the person who made the statement...One would expect such a statement from a person from Booton...


  4. What Cladius said is so true.what type of dumb , ignorant people we have in St. Lucia. We do not have a health care system in place to treat our own people, yet we continue to ignore the facts which is looking at us as idiots. Good health care is the back bone of any country. [PEOPLE SHOULD COME BEFORE HORSES ] Chastanet will learn the hard way.I see miss use of government funds and corruption will play a part soon .


  5. I am reading this garbage and the pop ups on the page says “sex offender nearby”. Is that a coincident? When I look at the horse’s teeth and Claudius’s they look the same. What a load a crap.


  6. so your government didn't give horses the upper hand why they didn't deliver the hospital to the people .what did they do with the money..the same way you said last election slp would be winning 14 to 3


  7. The actor in that ad was meant to symbolize the views of the
    Rockefeller Republicans, the old "moderates" who had been "me-too" welfare statists.
    And that leads us to the subsequent huge problem with the advert.
    I’ve already talked about how the supposedly "safe" Democratic different
    to Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson, went on to have one of the worst presidential terms in American historical past, between the Vietnam War and
    the failed applications of the good Society.
    However the actor within the Johnson advert also factors to Richard Nixon because the
    kind of protected, non-horrifying Republican he had
    beforehand supported. After the disaster of Johnson’s time period, it was to
    Nixon the country would turn. This advert was written by
    Democrats, and of their eyes the one good, cheap Republican is one who will not be at the
    moment running for office. But we know that when Nixon really turned president, they got here to regard him as a unique object of hatred.

    Yet Nixon’s presidency was additionally a disaster
    for advocates of small authorities and a robust nationwide defense.
    Nixon prolonged "affirmative action" and created the Environmental Protection Agency, and, worse, he
    did both via executive orders, creating major new insurance policies without the consent of Congress.
    He severed the last links between the dollar
    and gold, and when that triggered inflation,
    he imposed wage and costs controls, once more by government order.


    • oye what you talking about there? are you even reading the correct news to be commenting on ? am just asking cause i seeing your responses seem not aligned with the topics at hand.


  8. All of you all need a proper jacky to ride all of you... You all narrate one thing and do something completely different. All of you deh pun sh*t!


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