BREAKING NEWS: Dennery woman died from alcoholic intoxication

BREAKING NEWS: Dennery woman died from alcoholic intoxication


PRESS RELEASE – On Wednesday, December 2, 2015 a post mortem was conducted on the body of 33 year old, Ternancia Evans aka “Bob Marley” of Grand Riviere, Dennery.

The examination revealed that Evans died as a result of respiratory failure, asphyxiation and respiratory depression due to alcoholic intoxication.

The body of Evans was discovered in a shop in Thomazo, Dennery on Saturday, November 28, 2015 about 8:00 a.m.

No foul play has been suspected.


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  2. And alcohol is legal and cannabis isn't ?
    Amazing how society facilitates suicide and call it the law .


  3. Im agreeing with you clarifier....i think thats what think out loud was trying to say...but on a serious note i have seen young men n women drinking alcohol like there's no tomorrow....the more they see is the more they drink.may she rest in peace


  4. You cant kill rum....Rum will kill you first...As a matter of fact, you will never see the word "rum" written on a tomb stone...In other words, rum cannot die.


  5. I'm wondering how can you discover someone dead in a shop at 8:00 a.m. (early morning) unless it's the person's own shop?
    If it's someone else's shop then did the person just stroll in first thing in the morning and died; or was the person locked in the shop overnight dying or already dead?
    Well if no foul play is suspected then someone must at least feel partly responsible for a young woman dying under such ridiculous circumstances.


    • Just to answer your question ...... Its an open bar and she was found in the area where people usually stay even after the bar is closed. Because she doesn't live too far from where she was found it probably meant she was too intoxicated to walk home in the wee hrs of the morning.


  6. This is a most sad outcome, but not surprising unfortunately. Certain alcohol needs to be banned on the island. Starting with that Denros Strong White Rum containing 80% alcohol. This is poison in a bottle. No one needs anything this strong to have a good time, or feel good about themselves. It's bad enough that alcohol is so readily available all over the place, and minors can access it so easily. There needs to be some sort of responsibility at some level.


  7. There comes a time when bartenders have stop selling people drinks when they realize people going overboard.


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