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No formal ‘election fraud’ complaint made with Electoral Commission, says Flood

By Samuel Sukhnandan, Staff Journalist

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Michael Flood

Michael Flood

The Electoral Commission of St Lucia has denied receiving any report of ‘election fraud’ from former prime minister Dr. Kenny Anthony and the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Commissioner Michael Flood told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Friday that the commission could only investigate the matter unless a formal complaint is made.

“How could the commission act, when we have had no official complaint?’ he questioned.

Dr. Anthony said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that despite the issue was brought to the attention of the Electoral Commission, no efforts were made to investigate the claims and allegations.

“Not even the guardians of our electoral democracy, they moved to condemn, investigate or simply ask for evidence,” the former prime minister stated.

But Flood said if an investigation is launched, it could fall right back on Anthony’s doorsteps.

“I could quote one of their campaign managers saying to me personally, that on election day, they had a budget of $48,000 to be used between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. To do what?”

The commissioner said it has become a norm for persons particularly on the losing side, to always claim that there was election fraud, but no formal complaint is ever made and no evidence provided.

“Over the years, election after election, there have been rumours that people are being paid to vote. But when you ask them to come forward with the evidence, nobody can provide that. These are just allegations we use every election,” he added.

The commission, he said, is always concerned about anything that would jeopardize the integrity or democratic process of the country, and would hate to see these allegations have an effect on society.

When contacted today, Chief Elections Officer, Gaspard Jn Baptiste told SNO that while he cannot speak on behalf of the commission, his department was never issued a formal complaint either from Dr. Anthony or the SLP regarding alleged ‘election fraud.’

On Thursday, Human Rights Advocate Felicia Browne criticised Dr. Anthony for his handling of the matter, stating that suggestion of impropriety can do “irreparable damage to the targeted individuals, parties and even constituencies”.

However, Dr. Anthony said he has evidence to prove that there was ‘widespread bribery’ on election day.

The former prime minister highlighted that there are laws against influencing electors to vote or not to vote, and believes that people should be exposed for their alleged wrongdoing.

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  1. Labour People... You all are History... Push that in your thick skulls and move on!!

  2. Kenny just give it a rest please. You cannot be trusted.

  3. OK. If a supposedly constitutional lawyer does not follow legal procedure regarding an election result, does this raise suspicions? Isn't such a , person supposed to know the law? Yes?

    Now if such a person presenting no evidence, besmirches the reputations of the Commission and those on it, and at the same time that person tries to whip up public discontent, does this not strike you as odd? Therefore what does civil society call that actions of such curmudgeons?

    Demagoguery! Of, course!

  4. Kenny accept your loss and move on. Your arrogance caused your party to lose.
    I'm happy you were voted out! Thank God. We suffered enough under your ruling and all your high taxes!!

  5. So know official report why come make news on propaganda....people election gone let's work as one to be a stronger nation...let's stop the division.. One love..Shalom.

  6. Why is this useless man in the news. Makes me want to yawn. Frankly , the issue of electoral fraud between the uwp and SLP is about who hapoen to have bribed the most. Uwp allegedly just happen to have had more money this time thsn the SLP. But shame on both of them.

    • That's why I voted LPM and would do it again. I was not bribed and had no reason to cheapen my vote. I gave it to Prudent proudly and with no financial pressure.

  7. It is for Kenny now to come out and say who lodged the complaint with the Electoral Commission. he he he. The election results has rocked Kenny's brains he is suffering from shock. he might not remember what happened he he he

  8. Take it like a man Kenny.

  9. Dr. Kenny Anthony should man up and accept defeat.He brought that on Himself and the party.How long did he expect the nation to tolerate his arrogance. So long Doc, and good riddance.


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