No coronavirus in Guadeloupe

No coronavirus in Guadeloupe

(SNO) – The results of tests on three people suspected with the deadly coronavirus in Guadeloupe have returned as negative.

The samples were analysed by the Institut Pasteur in French Guyana.

The three people suspected of contracting the much feared virus are in good health.

They displayed no symptoms of the disease but earlier this week were placed under observation after it was revealed that a family member had stayed in an area infected with the virus.

The negative results are expected to put to rest great concern among residents of Guadeloupe with many on edge following a dramatic increase in confirmed cases of the virus in France.

It has been reported that cases doubled on Thursday (27th February) with the number jumped from 18 to 38 from the previous day.

Meanwhile, French authorities have announced that to ensure a faster diagnosis, analyzes for the virus started in Guadeloupe on Friday.


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