“No chicken shortage” – Livestock Division

“No chicken shortage” – Livestock Division

The Veterinary and Livestock Services Division (Veterinary Authority) of the Ministry of Agriculture has said that there is no shortage of local chicken on the island.

Veterinary Officer Dr. Sharmine Melville-Edwin told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that she is not aware that there is any shortages of local chicken here.

However, poultry importers here have argued that there is a shortage, stating that most supermarkets do not have local whole chicken and mixed parts.

These importers said this is proof that suppliers here do not deserve a market quota increase, something that the Ministry of Agriculture said it is seriously looking to introduce.

Local suppliers have said that the process of rearing chickens is a lengthy one and if there is a shortage indeed, then this could be the main reason for it.

There is usually heavy demand for local poultry from restaurants and hotels. This demand is also based on the number of tourists visiting the island.

Saint Lucia has placed a temporary ban on the importation of several poultry products originating from the North American states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and California.

The ban is currently in place for the importation of all live birds, hatching eggs, and on fresh, frozen and chilled poultry meat and products, including table eggs.

This follows the confirmation of an outbreak of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) H5N8 and H5N2 in backyard and commercial poultry farms in the United States.

Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Jamaica and Saint Kitts and Nevis have taken similar measures to ban poultry products from the designated states in the US.


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  1. Since the inception of the U.W.P the people of Micoud have been dedicated supporters no matter what.We have never asked for any favors, although many have been promised by former and current leaders-Never delivered but we continue to support the party.This cycle,we say enough is enough.We,the people of micoud will entertain no more promises.We demand that the current leader of the opposition be appointed the leader of the party and therefore become the next prime minister of st. lucia-NO AND'S NO IF'S OR BUT'S


  2. There is no or little local chicken in St Lucia currently. I dare any of you to call DG Farms or hylyne poultry on Tuesday and request 10000 lbs of whole chicken or mixed parts and hear what they say. Also, the local suppliers have already started issuing letters to importers so that they can bring their containers in without the purchase of local chicken since they are behind on production. Why would the vet office lie about something so simple and trivial. The two local processors are behind on production and it will take a while before they catch back up. This is normal during certain times of the year. No need to hide the truth. Local processors can't meet the demand at the current quota. What would the increase gain them if they can't even supplier at the current quota level. The truth comes to light.


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