No breakthrough in daring armed robbery

No breakthrough in daring armed robbery

No one has been arrested in connection with Monday’s armed robbery at a gaming shop in Castries.

Reports are that two armed men – not wearing masks – robbed Island Treasure on St. Louis Street of  at about 11:10 a.m.

Three persons were reportedly robbed of cash totalling $1,500 and a Samsung cell phone.

An eyewitness gave St. Lucia News Online an account of how the incident unfolded.

“One guy came in the store and said he is looking for someone then left. A few minutes later he came back accompanied by another guy, both brandishing firearms. They said ‘nobody move’. One placed the gun at the lady’s head and demanded the cash for the day. About $900 was taken and the customers were robbed of their bags and phones. The men left walking as normal with the guns in their hands,” the eyewitness said.

A source told SNO: “I was in town this morning and heard a lady shouting ‘they rob me, they rob me’. I went over, I called the police. She said it was two fellas…. She didn’t speak to me and the lady went up some stairs.”

Another source told our news team that the gunmen were “smart”.

“Apparently the thieves were smart. They walked in, calmly robbed the place, and walked out without anyone the wiser. No one realised that the placed had been robbed until the proprietor ran outside screaming,” the source said.

Investigations continue.


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  1. Stupid. NO camera's in the store? The only time when The police was functioning was with the British chief of police.Lucians blaming white people most of the time. Well if St. Lucia has no white tourist it will starve. Look at Africa. What à mess. Jamaica a mess. Haiti a mess.
    Nigeria? even the biggest mess inspite of it's massive oil exports. Hard work, respect for any person and collaboration creates a prosperous nation. I lived and worked in Nigeria.


    • lol your comment is dumb. If lucia didnt have "tourists" our economy would be a mess. As tourism is our main product. Not only white ppl have money, choops. You sound dumb. I sure white ppl use u as a door mat. With that old slave mentality. Upsetting.




    • Really? The police wasn't in the store duhhh, the police will only be able to apprehend the guys when and if people come forward and let them know who the guys are....I don't blame people though if they don't want to come forward for fear of retaliation


      • True, it's also been said that members of the police force leak info about witnesses.

        St Lucia so small, everyone have family and friends everywhere that's why things so corrupt but with such a family orientated society shouldn't there be more love for one another? kmt.

        May the good Lord cleanse and purge our island of this madness......


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