No arrests made in Milan’s death; police still investigating

No arrests made in Milan’s death; police still investigating
Milan Ferdinand
Milan Ferdinand
Milan Ferdinand

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is yet to make an arrest in the death of four-year-old Milan Ferdinand who passed away on Friday, October 9, days after he went into a coma while in his father and step-mother’s care.

But Police Press Officer Zachary Hippolyte told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the police force is committed to ensuring that a thorough investigation is conducted into this recent incident.

“We are also sensitive to the family and the public, who are currently outraged and disheartened by this incident. However, it is incumbent on the police that the investigation, like any other investigation, is handled professionally knowing that this case may appear before the court,” Hippolyte said.

He continued: “We are given the assurance that progress is being made. We ask for patience and understanding from the public as the police goes through the necessary processes required by law.”

A post-mortem examination revealed that Milan died as a result of severe brain damage and head injury due to blunt force trauma. Also noted were multiple blunt force traumas all over the body.

The child’s mother has admitted to seeing marks about her child’s body, which led to the conclusion that he was being physically abused by someone at home.

The woman claims she reported the matter to the Human Services Department who did nothing to assist the child. But the department has since responded saying that only one report was made.

Director Elizabeth Lewis said her department acted on that report. She said Milan was examined by a medical doctor, but at that time the issue was “not deemed serious.”

Police sources have confirmed that the child’s father and stepmother – a recently married couple – were questioned by officials in connection with allegations of abuse.


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  1. Poor little kido he`s in a better place now... very sad how this is unfolding no arrest no one being held accountable worse yet those in authority are giving excuse after excuse... when will this end... I hope this won`t happen to another child again because the hardest part---- will there ever be justice for an innocent child. It breaks my heart to hear these things happening to innocent kids, older folks or anyone helpless, only to find out in the end noone is held accountable. Justice will prevail


  2. so what are they waiting for? post mortem has been done he spent 5 days at VH before passing. almost 1 week since he passed. WHAT IS THE HOLD UP IN ARRESTING THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE!


  3. Somebody help me understand HOW if the child is brought to Human/Social services with physical evidence of abuse can it be deemed "not serious". What were the grounds for such a conclusion. Was there a thorough investigation to determine such a judgement? In such a small nation, things like that should not be happening. Children are apparently not safe anywhere, not in the home and clearly not in the arms of their parents. Poor Baby


  4. This incident just keeps breaking my heart. My sincerest condolences to Milan's mom and her relatives who are grieving at this point. This is sooo sad and ridiculous. What could this sweet child have done to deserve such horrendous abuse? But someone needs to pay the piper...someone needs to answer for this travesty. Both the father and step-mother need to be arrested, the book thrown at them and the keys thrown away. The murderous pair...disgusting. Shame on this man for allowing this to be the end of his child. Shame on those who could have prevented this. Rip Little angle. I do not know you but I shared tears for the loss of you.


  5. It does matter whether is one or zero report that was made. The moment Social Services became involved with little Milan's case and placed in custody, they had an obligation and I stressed the word OBLIGATION to ensure that this child was well cared for. The police must also investigate the Department of Social Services for child neglect and endangering the welfare of a child. Both are criminal offences.


  6. I think human resources should accept some of the responsibilities for this kid death. If the mother complain to them, first I think they are smart enough to say lets try to avoid this from going on. Because in that case no one know how long the abusing have been going on or stop it immediately before it go any further. Am listening to the director looking for all excuses. Madame u all fail this little boy an did nothing.
    If the doctor report was what u said show it to the public or ask the doctor to come an explain it to us....sorry madame u fail.


  7. I really wanna know if that director of Human services have any degree to practice in this field. Cause it don't seems so, based on her damn ass crap about no pointing fingers. The Social worker was unethical and should be disciplined by the board of SW, the step mother is the abuser and the father should be charged for failure to protect.


  8. I Can't understand how the public can blame the mother.......Social Services took the Child from her........they claimed she did not have a stable home to provide for the child..........she reported that he was being abused to the agent...........they did not not give two shits........blame the fucking person that kill the child, the stepmother and the father for allowing it to happen........Let the mother grieve in peace...........I don't understand your'll.......choops........smh


  9. Am sooo upset this entire thing is wrong and sound fishy from all angles. Please authorities let us know why isn't the stepmother n father arrested yet what really is the hold up. Am safely n openly going to assume that stepmother is truly an anointedone as her FB name stated must be fully overloaded in evil which must be the hindrance in getting justice for this lil infant.


  10. Again the system has failed us so sad...
    I wish the system here in Sweet St Lucia was different I pray for that day


  11. Anonymous im in total agreement with your comment...duhh uhh!! can be held on suspicion of murder...what the hell are y'all waiting for...until they leave the darn island and then there's no case...give me a darn break!!...For all those who wanna know..the wicked step mother's face is on facebook y'all check her out...This is so outraged at all this!! May you rest in peace poor little're surely an Angel now as you were..


  12. yup...couldn't agree more with Anonymous...remember the Canadian doctor? As for human services..Baytizz. The child's mother reported the issue once, but did you guys do any follow up to make sure that this child was doing well? As far as I see, Human services is just as responsible for this child's death!! May his mother find peace and consolation in the Lord...R.I.P angel..go be with the Lord..


  13. social services are u commenting on how many reports made.A report is a report my goodness


  14. One report was enough to save Milan. Human Services did not do their part. A report was made you investigate and do a follow up. That is what you are being paid to do. But the hardest part of your job is to dress up and decide which bag to wear with your shoes. kmt!


  15. I need to know if Lil Millan was forcefully placed in the care of the Father and Stepmother? Human Services Dept need to stop this practise!! Just taking child/children from one parent and giving to the other , because they think the envrionment is better for the child. What about the case of lil Millian which is obvious the stepmother didn't want to take care of him. HSD should find loving home for kids. there are plenty of People out there who want kids and can't have. Did you'll ever visisted lil Millan after, to find out how is was doing? if he was happy? did you? All who knew about the abuse and did nothing failed lil Millan. I hope you'll learn from you'll mistake. I hope an arrest is made soon. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. PLEASE DON'T DENY LIL MILLIAN HIS JUSTICE. Send a strong message to all the abusers out there!!!


  16. Was the child forcefully placed in the care of the Father and Stepmother? if such is the case then Social Services need to stop that Practice and find good and loving homes for kids, with people who is willing and able to take care of them. In some instances such as this one they're doing more harm to the kids than good. I do hope they to learn from their mistakes.


  17. Bullshit. There is something called suspicion of murder tell that shit to people like we dumb. They can be held on this charge while still performing your investigation. Why have them out on the streets and free to leave the island. Crazy


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