No arrests made in Gros Islet boat fire

No arrests made in Gros Islet boat fire

Police have confirmed that no one has been arrested for the fire that destroyed two boats at Edgewater, Massade, Gros Islet on Saturday (July 19).

The owner, Earl Lionel, believes that the inferno was no accident.

He had told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive on Saturday that he believes the attack was in retaliation for a complaint he made to the Port Authority last Monday about unlicensed jet ski operators in the Rodney Bay area.

The 52-year-old claimed port officers took action the same day of the complaint. Lionel, who has been in the boating business since 1979, is convinced that someone tipped off one of the illegal operators about his complaint to the Port Authority.

Lionel said he has no problem with competition but the illegal operators not only cut profits from legitimate businesses, but they also put a negative light on the industry.

He said legal operators are taught professional and security guidelines for use of their vessels, unlike illegal operators.

One of the boats, a 42-foot yacht valued at about $180,000 US, was totally destroyed. A much smaller boat, which was anchored close to the larger boat, caught fire and sustained extensive damages.


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  1. that didnt happen in the marina, it happend at his home ok (get facts straight)find out where he lives first before u make assumptions


  2. so check this out,if i have a mega yacht/or even a sailing boat and i was thinking of visiting that marina you can be sure i would change my mind.I would be thinking what sort of security is there at that marina??. Are there any surveillance cameras??


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