No action taken by authorities on serious accident (letter to the editor)

No action taken by authorities on serious accident (letter to the editor)

Police-graphic4Dear Editor: On the night of 19 November, a young lady was returning home, just about 11:00 PM when she came upon an accident on the highroad that was being investigated by the police. There was another car in front of her and a passenger van that appeared to have been in an accident.

While slowing down in the traffic, another vehicle approached from behind at a terrific pace and crashed into the lady’s car. The impact made by the speeding car, which had two male occupants, left the lady’s car badly damaged and a write-off. Although the lady driver was not killed or seemingly suffered external injuries, she was left disoriented, dizzy, dazed and in shock.

Not being far from home, the young lady called her landlord. Later her father, sister and insurance agent were summoned.

When the lady’s accident took place, the police was already on site attending to an accident. The lady who was struck from behind and forced onto the car in front appealed to the police to summon the ambulance to take her to hospital for attention but this was not granted.

Repeated requests for assistance were denied by the police, who said measurements and statements had to be made. The agreement to release the drivers in the lady’s accident was long in coming something like one and a half plus after the accident.

When the ambulances were called for the parties involved in the accident no statements, registration documents or insurance certifications were taken by the police, although these were offered for inspection by the lady.

From discussion between the car owners, there is reason to believe the speeding car driven by the young man was not licensed, not insured and the driver himself did not have a valid license.

Up to the time of writing this note, repeated attempts to have the police act failed. In the interim the only thing of significance to take place is that the lady driver voluntarily went to the police station, provide a statement and dropped off her driver’s license and her car insurance.

Apart from this, no statement or valid insurance documents were submitted by the young man while the lady’s car has been a total write-off. She has no transport to get to and from work. The lady was twice sent home for sick leave and she has to be paying for her medical expenses.

There must be something gravely wrong and out of place with how this matter has been handled. Why should someone who has done nothing wrong face substantial loss and deprivation of assets considered important to secure a living.

We are asking the powers that be for their attention in the matter and by acting appropriately, see that justice is served.


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  1. I can well identify with this situation. I was in an almost similar situation in 2012 when this guy apparently fell asleep and ran into me almost head on near the Bordelais area in Dennery. It took me and my lawyer about a year to recover the cost of my vehicle which was written off with absolutely NO help from the police. The police has not able to provide a report up to this day. It turns out that they knew the guy very well and one of the investigating officers was his son's classmate. The son was at the scene and had conversation with the officers. The vehicle he was driving was not insured. I wrote to police complaints unit. They were of NO help.


  2. it was a friend of old popo - hence no charges, any other country would have been charged and made to pay - lucia is corrupt to the bone


  3. "Apart from this, no statement or valid insurance documents were submitted by the young man while the lady’s car has been a total write-off. "

    So what was the police doing at the scene? Are some records of the accident kept secret?


  4. My dear, sad to say, when unfortunate incidents such as this happens, where drivers do not use caution upon approaching an accident on the road, the ending result is always a loss. The young lady will have to sue her insurance even though she was in the right. The police report, will need to be very detailed. I do hope the policemen that were at the scene was able to be eye witnesses to provide her with one. Good Luck my dear.


  5. My friend it's a lost cause dealing with police...I suspect it's a lost cause all over the world.Really & truly I believe the Law including the Judges & a few politicians run the globe & they need the police for protection so no matter what the police do there is no need for them (the law) to do anything.


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