‘Ninja Dan’ appears in court

‘Ninja Dan’ appears in court
Jonathan St. Rose aka Ninja Dan.
Jonathan St. Rose aka Ninja Dan.
Jonathan St. Rose aka Ninja Dan.

A new trial date could be set soon for former OECS Soca Monarch, Jonathan ‘Ninja Dan’ St. Rose, who made an appearance at the High Court in Castries on Tuesday.

A mistrial judgment was handed down by Justice Francis Cumberbatch at on May 4, 2015, in the case with which St. Rose and two others are accused of murder.

A few hours after the murder case was declared a mistrial, Director of Public Prosecutions Victoria Charles-Clarke decided to order a retrial, something which is not unique to law.

St. Rose has been charged along with– Lyden Blasse and Marvin Terry Nelson – in connection with the February 2009 death of Dwayne ‘Chubby’ James.

James was stabbed multiple times at Maynard Hill, Marchand on Saturday, February 14, 2009.

St. Rose and his colleagues have been on remand for close to seven years at Bordelais Correctional Facility.


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  1. The same pain Chubby family feeling he has to feel it too. He will be free someday hope not soon but Chubby is never coming back.

    His son can visit him in prison but Chubby kids have to live without him. He miss the birth of his only son days after he was murdered.

    Never got to see his son or hold him. His first outing was to his dad's funeral. Chubby miss the birth of his first grand child. Explain that to them.


  2. Why is this man being kept on remand for so long without a proper trial? This is St Lucia and last I checked we live in a democracy and should abide by the rules which come with the principles of social equality and respect for the individual within the community. The rights of the people should always be respected and not trespassed on. That is why we elect representatives to serve us who in turn have to do their utmost to serve the interests of the people who elected them to office.

    This case goes way back to 2009 and we are now living in 2016. No one should be kept in prison for so long without trial. No one. It does not matter what type of crime he committed or is accused of carrying out. There is nowhere in the Western world you will hear or read about someone being kept for such a long period without a trial. The most someone will be confined behind bars in most places is about a year. They are held there awaiting trial. The poor bloke and the other accused have every right to be aggrieved for being banged up for so long without a trial. This is not right nor is it fair.

    The state should now present the facts before the court and let a Judge and jury decide the fate of the defendants. Why is it taking them so long to do this? If you have evidence you arrange a trial where the facts will be presented before both parties. The defense, as well as the prosecution, needs to have everything before them which will allow them to present their arguments before the president judge. That is how it is done in every commonwealth country and democracy. If the evidence is strong and tight then the judge will direct the jury to find the parties guilty. Should the judge decide that the evidence before him/her then he will go for an acquittal. It is as simple as that. Why is the CPS finding this difficult to do?

    The CPS who is charged with prosecuting cases in the country needs to take stock of what is happening around them. There are many other cases awaiting trial and nothing is being done to bring the cases to trial so people can get on with their lives. The idea of someone being kept behind bars for so long will incense anyone including the family of the accused. They like everyone else want to see justice served. They want to know whether their family member who is charged with the crime is guilty or not so they can get on with it. They do not want the case dragging on for years. No one wants that. The system is very slow in St Lucia and it needs an overhaul. It certainly does. This cannot be allowed to carry on festering.

    Murder trials are especially expensive and exhaustive. Since there is no legal aid in St Lucia people have to find the money come what may to help pay for the cost of the defense. The prosecution does not have to worry about that as their cost are taken care of by the state.Family members of the defendant have to pool their resources together in most instances to help pay the barristers whose fees do not come cheap. They charge an arm and a leg for their defense work.

    This popular singer is accused of taking the life of another person without justification and with malice. Now the state through the CPS has to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that he did the crime. They have had enough time to collect all the evidence and to present it before the criminal court. Within 6 years they should have been able to do so. What is taking them so long to do just that? There are no excuses that can be offered to justify their ineptitude. They have demonstrated a lack of skill and incompetence as well as judgment. They will end up bungling this case if they are not careful and justice will not be served on either side. This case is slowly becoming too cumbersome to handle and I think it is about time the Attorney General takes over before it becomes too complex and intricate.

    It was not that long ago a man from Saltibus was held without trial for 10 years for a crime he said he did not commit. He was represented by one of the finest legal brains in St Lucia namely Martinus Francois. He was remanded in custody for the murder of his daughter Verlinda, a pretty teenager whose murder caused an outcry and revulsion in the south of the country. Francois argued that the state had no right in keeping the defendant St Romain in the correctional facility for so long. The state has an obligation to prosecute the case within a certain time frame. The judge listening to his argument agreed with him and decided to free the accused pending a trial.Martinus the brilliant barrister that he is was able to set a precedent there which could end up becoming the right of passage for future lawyers. His legal arguments were clearly expressed defined and delineated. He went above and beyond to represent his client and was partially successful.

    The defense lawyers of the accused should strive to employ the same tactics used by the indefatigable Martinus Francois. They need to expose the weakness of the prosecution in proving their case against these men. They need to tell them to either put up or shut up. Present the evidence against the defendants or set them free with a view to trying them in the future should new evidence becomes available against them. They simply cannot keep people in the heat of Bordelais for so long with trial. Collect the evidence and bring it to court.

    By contrast, take for example the incident involving the Iranian-Canadian man who is being held on remand for the murder of the toddler from Vieux Fort. It's been barely a year since this brutal act took place and a trial date has been set. The family and friends of the accused came together and applied pressure and soon he will have his day in court to answer to the charges. He has employed a vociferous barrister who will do all in his power to get a verdict for his client. The truth has to be told and the trial has to be fair. If this man was a local he would most likely be languishing at Bordelais without trial. Him being a foreigner is to his advantage as he is about to go on trial. I hope the Judge and jury are not swayed by the fact that he is from outside the shores of St Lucia and offer him preferential treatment. He should be treated like everyone else. No one is above the law. We are all equal under the law.

    The CPS need to look into this case again immediately and to ascertain whether they are violating the rights of these individuals. Their human rights should be taken into consideration. The state has no right to encroach or infringe the rights of it's citizens. Everyone who has been accused of crimes has the right to a fair trial. These men have had more than a trial. They are being tormented by the state and this is uncalled for. One has to wonder about the psychological welfare and being of these individuals. When the case does come to court the question that needs asking is: Will they be up to it? That is not the way to go about it CPS. Let the accused have their day in court so their fate can be decided. If they are found guilty then they will be punished if not they will be set free. I will end with this quote from the late great Martin Luther King 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'. Give them their day in court I reiterate once more. Let Justice prevail.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian Lucian
    Berlin Germany


    • READ he did have a proper trial it ended in a MISTRIAL jury was 11 guilty 1 not guilty so the DPP decided to retry the case. Get your facts right before writing a whole book


    • iv been following this case at the courts this idiot and his buddies said they were not at the crime scene and gave an alibi of their where about but blood splatter of the victim was found on all three which they could not explain ,can u imagine the Alzheimer judge said mistrial.


  3. No longer a celebrity and no longer an issue of interest other than showing our children the fruitage of stupidity and ego.
    You do the crime. You do the time. Now get off my SNO.


    • it ain't your SNO, innocent until proven guilty,. You weren't there when the crime was committed so don't be blaming anyone


      • Exactly, when will we stop being judge, jury and executioner?? Regardless of him being guilty or innocent, no one should spend that amount of time on remand awaiting their judgment. I guess this isn't wrong until it affects us or our family.


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