Nine injured in Mon Repos accident (see photos)

By SNO Staff

17430701_10155911615164992_17901431_oAt least nine persons sustained “minor injuries” in a motor vehicle accident in Mon Repos, Micoud this morning, March 20, police said.

A minibus overturned after colliding with a car around 8 a.m. on the Micoud-Vieux Fort Highway, police officials told St. Lucia News Online.

Both vehicles were travelling in opposite directions when the accident occurred, police said.

The injured persons were taken St. Jude Hospital.

No further details are available.

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  1. Blaming the wet road. Well if that's the case all of us dead already. No body want to take their time. You late you late, why rush. Some drivers don't give a dam about the next person, for the matter of fact they don' t even value their own life farless the innocent person traveling the the opposite direction. Some useless accidents. Drive with due care, caution and with responsibility. We all will reach where we going.

  2. Time is $$$ therefore those bus drivers always speeding from.castries to Vieux Fort and back because they have to pay the bank. The whole transportation system need to be reconstructed and the banks need to give a bus driver a better rate on those loans which will in turn lower the bus fares and provide safer drivers to the public until then is all man and woman for themself selfish attitude.
    GREEDY Joe environment.

  3. If the road wet there is a speed at which you drive your vehicle. SMH. SLOW DOWN LUCIANS

  4. it was not the minibus fault. it was an accident due to natures weather.

    • Baytiz. Nature caused the accident. Stop talkin shate.

    • Wasnt the weather... Unless the car went into a slide from the wet road..and clipped the back of that bus causing it to lose control..its too far of a distance where the bus went on its side to say he hit them hard enough to flip the either the car experienced some under steer... And drifted a bit in the the oncoming lane..or he simply wasn't in his lane fully or the bus went into his lane cutting his corner...idk...just my assessment

  5. thank god No death bur minor injuries. hey guys you don't have to drive so fast on those narrow matters slow down....


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