Nicklette Hill resident injured during store robbery

Nicklette Hill resident injured during store robbery


A customer was injured at a La Clery convenience store on Wednesday, when he intervened in an armed robbery.

According to reports, two men entered the Goody’s Grocery Store close to Nicklette Hill at about 4:30 p.m. that day and ordered a drink.

While one of the men pulled out a $20 bill to pay the store attendant, who proceeded to open the cash register, the other bandit  held her up at gun point, while the one who pretended to pay, emptied the cash register.

While attempting to flee the scene, the men came in to contact with the said customer, who is a resident of Nicklette Hill, and a scuffle ensued.

He was dealt several blows to the head and body, before the bandits fled the scene, making off with a total of $100.


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  1. Wha!! Well things real dread. An armed robbery for $100? Well the minister said that $5 can block a hole, lets see, thats 20 holes. I guess $100 has some value after all. My mistake.


  2. You 'll risk your life for $100 , and people still saying Lucia not desperate , come on , after small businesses getting rip with taxes


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