VIDEO: NICE provides labour support to farmers of Region 8

VIDEO: NICE provides labour support to farmers of Region 8


PRESS RELEASE – In January 2016 NICE placed a call for interested individuals from Region 8 agricultural district, to participate in an agriculture training program under its Farm Labour Support Program.

On Wednesday January 27th 2016 NICE held a meeting with farmers and interested community members to discuss the implementation of the Farm Labor Support Program (FLSP) in the region (Ravine Poisson to Cul De Sac).

Seventeen (17) individuals subsequently expressed interest and were trained in Crop Production. The training comprised of both theory and practical components geared towards preparing participants to serve not only the farmers within the region, but for employment within the sector.

On, April 28th 2016, NICE hosted an orientation session at the Region 8 Agricultural Office in Cul-De-Sac to welcome a new group of farm employees to the region. Mr. Thomas St. Hill, Farmer from region 8, notes that the farmers of the region have been eagerly anticipating the introduction of the farm labor support program to region 8.

He adds that such an intervention would provide farmers with the necessary support to continue and increase their production on their farms. Farmers in this region are expected to experience positive results as have been witnessed in other regions where the program in currently ongoing.

At the orientation session the NICE Project Coordinator Perry Thomas, emphasized the need for effective communication between the workers and farmers as well as a strong work ethic among the employees as the key to achieving a successful, that is mutually beneficial to both farmers and workers, as has been achieved within Regions 1-7.

Mr. Thomas noted that the first phase of the program has seen a shift in the mindsets and behaviors in our farmers and youth and adult population involved in agriculture. The program continues to encourage farmers to adopted a more business-oriented approach to food production in terms of their processes, procedures and productivity.

On the other hand a more holistic approach to training of youth in agriculture whereby greater emphasis is placed on agribusiness, is changing the way agriculture is practiced and perceived by this demographic.

The initiative addresses the labor needs challenges of the farmers in the region while providing employment opportunities to young individuals with a keen interest in crop production.

Twelve individuals (12) have been deployed and commenced work in their new role on May 3rd 2016.


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    • Tell me what is a permanent job and where I can find one because last I checked no one has job security. Flow and Lime just merged these persons had permanent jobs. Where are they now. On the breadline. So what are you talking about?


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