NICE jobs for the Christmas season

NICE jobs for the Christmas season

Friday 16, November, 2012 – Many students are to benefit from job opportunities during the Christmas season as the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) continues to demonstrate its commitment at reducing unemployment rates on the island.

This program is a primary vehicle through which government will liaise with private and public sector organizations to recruit and hire students.

Saint Lucia’s Communications Officer with the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE), Dainea Augier, explains that with the usual hassle of the Christmas season, those persons will assist the business community to better serve customers.

“As you know, Christmas is the time where the stores are usually filled with people. It is always a hassle for a lot of people when going to the stores to shop; people do it on their lunch hour, they need to rush back. So they need extra hands at those stores, and even some of the other public service organizations as well. To really provide employment and help the students to defray the cost that they will incur when they return to school, the transportation cost, there’s cost for meals, there is even cost for uniforms, shoes and all of that.”

Augier highlighted this initiative as an opportunity for students to develop skills and work experience that will enhance and develop their career pathways.  This program will provide over 200 students, between the ages of 16 and 25 with job opportunities, given that they are returning to school in January.

The two-week program is expected to take place from December 10-24.

Students who are interested in the Christmas Employment Programme can contact the NICE Office online at



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