UPDATED: NIC employees tried to save dying man

UPDATED: NIC employees tried to save dying man
Bradley Nelson (inset) was seen floating in the sea at Castries harbour. He pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.
Bradley Nelson (inset) was seen floating in the sea at Castries harbour. He was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

The quick response of three National Insurance Corporation (NIC) employees was not enough to save the life of a young male, who reportedly fell into the sea at the Castries Harbour, Tuesday morning.

Bradley Nelson, 27, of Arundell Hill, Castries died after he fell into the sea on April 15, 2014.

Police said Nelson was reportedly walking on the sidewalk along John Compton Highway, Castries when he fell into the harbour.

He was rescued from the water and transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

National Insurance Corporation (NIC) employee S. Thomy, who helped to pull the deceased out of the water, told Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) that the incident occurred about 11:40 a.m.

He explained that he, an NIC security guard and a female NIC employee were the ones who came to the aid of the young man, who was seen floating in the sea.

Thomy explained that they was alerted by a woman about Nelson’s predicament while standing with the security guard in the lobby of the NIC building.

Upon hearing her call, Thomy said he initially thought someone’s bag had gotten stolen but he later realised that there was a body floating in the sea when he and his co-workers went to check.

Thomy said he immediately called to the security guard to fetch a lifesaver, which was located on the waterfront, and he proceeded to help the woman pull the young man’s body out of the sea.

He said when questioned, the female employee said she had seen the deceased floating in the water, blowing bubbles with his mouth but did not pay him too much attention. However she got concerned when the bubbles stopped and the deceased’s head did not emerge from the water.

Thomy said Nelson was fully clothed and his bag and other belongings had been on the waterfront.

According to Thomy, the victim was a familiar face, whom he had not formally known.

A blogger in seeking to thank the female NIC employee who attempted to save the man’s life said, “I would like to thank the front desk officer posted at the National Insurance Co-operation (NIC) for her bravery in removing the body from the water. He was alive when she took him out but later passed away on the side walk.”


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  1. Bradley Nelson was my good friend as security officers years ago & before he died i saw him in town & told him hello & how it's been along time we haven't seen one another but he never did nothing bad before for the years i knew him for & now I'm not feeling happy anymore with pain & sadness....RIP my dear friend will meet again bro!


  2. Come on OK this is a serious situation here dont be an arse about it, with this sacastic remark. If u aint got nun to say shut the F*** up. Share your condolences or jus dont say nun. Plz


  3. thats my nigga we went school together and was in the same class for yrs. R.I.P brother till we meet again in the next lifetime. the almighty has his reasons for everything...so sad tho.


  4. May his soul find the peace this life denied him. I last saw him on Sunday at the 10:30 am Palm Sunday Mass at the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception where I gave him Holy Communion.

    He was a regular at mass, very polite and quiet.

    I pray his family finds peace at this time and are comforted by the community. We need to take better care of our mentally disturbed.


  5. Ok so every one missed the part that said his belongings was on the side? So it's either he was playing around and missed a fall or what I pray it not to be suicide


  6. Whether or not there was an accident, I strongly believe there should be some sort of pedestrian railing along the route in question.


    • I've always lamented the same.
      There is no regard for detail and safety.

      And it's sad that we (members of the public,) can see what the Ministry of Infrastructure cannot see with all their engineers and safety "crews."

      Don't they drive along this piece of road and see that this is a disaster waiting to happen?

      They should be sued.


  7. Do people bathe in this water?she saw the victim blowing bubbles but thought nothing of it until the bubbles stopped and his head did not emerge from the water.SO someone floating on water blowing bubbles is not enough for one to think that something is wrong??


  8. Wow I guess no one new CPR an settled for spectacle so they can talk about it later, NIC needs to commend this employee for his humanitarian effort now that's true Passover meaning being a brother's keeper


  9. condolences to his family but i think this young man used to stand outside of super j in the boulevard (if he is the same guy i know)


  10. May be he was diabetic and was not aware of it had a dizzy spell, RIP young man so sad. To your family my deepest sympathy.


  11. How did he fall?...did he faint or was he on his cell phone & wasn't watching where he stepped?....strange


  12. so a man walkin jus fine and falls...into the water and is later dead.

    awa this has too many unanswered questions.


    • But was pronounced dead on the scene by a Doctor. I would like the Front Desk Officer posted at the National Insurance Co-operation for her bravery in removing the body from the water n.b. he was alive when she took him out. but later passed away on the side walk.


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