NIC Economic Relief Program applications will only be accepted online

NIC Economic Relief Program applications will only be accepted online

(PRESS RELEASE) – In order to more efficiently execute the Economic Relief Program, it was always the intention of the National Insurance Corporation to accept applications primarily in electronic format.

Recognizing there are people without access to the online platform, the NIC made provisions to accept the anticipated relatively few applications by hard copy.

However, the process has been compromised. We have become aware that persons are selling NIC Economic Relief forms to the public without any authorization to do so, resulting in an inordinate number of premature applications.

Regretfully, we must inform that the NIC will not be accepting hard copy applications. Applications for the NIC Economic Relief Program will only be accepted online. Persons who previously submitted forms for this program are advised to file electronically when we begin accepting applications. The details on how people without online access can apply will be shared shortly.

Kindly note that a public announcement will be made once we begin accepting applications.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.


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  1. Its just unbelieveable how this goverment make so many blunders during a crisis can u imagin a pilot doing this in an emergency landing situation. Who's double checking information before it goes out to the public. Think about this persons were present from 6am at Nic office about (2 1/2) hour later they were given forms printed inside Nic office by the security guard now people have to reapply this is B/S am of the view that there is a dead rat in.this story or there is'nt any money in the Goverment purse. Where dee money gone? Sandals 25Mill/DSH 112Mill Cap Golf 42 Mill Whos wacthing the Guards??? Covid will tell



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